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    LinkedIn photo from ShutterstockActivity is back in the LinkedIn house.

    Creating a personal brand on LinkedIn is just the first step to making new connections and opportunities. To increase the chances of getting noticed, users can take advantage of a feature that has been recently brought back – your ‘Activity.’

    How can you present your brand’s latest professional updates? By adding blog posts or sharing other content with links you can attract viewers to your profile, which can help further your personal brand as well as showcase your expertise.

    LinkedIn activity had disappeared for a while, but now that this great feature is back. Why not take full advantage of this returning spotlights for more exposure?

    How to make the most out of the LinkedIn Activity Feature

    Here are several ways you can showcase your personal brand and get noticed by influencers in your niche.

    • Create a blog – Having a professional home base is a great start, but you will want to add a blog where you can create fresh content that can be shared on LinkedIn at least three times a week. Keep your posts relevant to your industry, and share information that people need.
    • Share content from other users – LinkedIn provides a great way to view news from your connections, and includes a great sharing and comment feature. Consider also posting links to articles of interest with a mention to the author’s name.
    • Participate in group discussions – Join active and professional groups in your niche and start posting and commenting there. This feeds directly into your profile, and can help build your brand on a wider scope.
    • Post to LinkedIn regularly – It is important to login and participate on LinkedIn throughout the work week. Pay attention to comments and activity on your posts, and be sure to thank others for their input.
    • Share your LinkedIn posts on social media – One of the best features on LinkedIn is the ability to tweet out the link of your posts directly. This will not only create more awareness for your brand online, but bring in more professional connection invitations.
    • Use InMail to announce news – In order to encourage others to read and comment on your LinkedIn posts, consider sending an occasional InMail to your connections and ask their thoughts. If you have a Company Page, this is also a great place to post and direct others to as well.

    LinkedIn is a powerful social network where you can build your personal brand in numerous ways. Use the activity feature to show your knowledge and expertise, as well as attracting new influencers.

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