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    Having an effective email marketing strategy is an important tool for your personal brand in which your business can connect with your audience. Building authentic relationships is important for increased sales and return customers.

    There are several ways a personalized message can work for your brand, which begins by knowing the needs of your subscribers and sparking their interest what you have to offer.

    Building the right email marketing approach takes appealing to their emotions as well as making it easy for them to read your messages. Here are several ways to build more leads and customers:

    • Create a great headline – This is the very first thing a reader will see and can cause them to want to know more or keep looking at other websites. Take the time to write out your headlines according to your audience and topic. Keep your words short, to the point, and personalized for the best results.
    • Stop the direct sales approach – Write your messages with the reader in mind instead of focusing on what your brand’s products or services are. Show the value that you have to offer them, and make the content about their pressing needs. By offering them a great solution they will be compelled to want to find out more.
    • Keep track of statistics – Most email service providers offer built-in analytics for your email campaigns. Some even offer suggestions on how to make improvements, especially when it comes to spammy headlines. Take a look at which emails are getting the most clicks and views to determine what your audience is looking for the most.
    • Use more text and less graphics – Since more and more people use their mobile devices to gather information it’s important that your messages are loading quickly. Try not to include too many large images in your content, and instead use bold headlines and short, simple yet concise text that they can digest quickly and take action on.

    When your personal brand puts the reader first you can greatly improve upon your lead generation and sales from email. As you offer your subscribers something of value they will be more likely to make a purchase and recommend your company to their friends and family. Each month check and measure your results and try new and fresh campaigns to keep their interest flowing.

    Susan Gilbert uses her laser focus knowledge to coach and provide online marketing and social sharing programs for authors, speaker, experts and small businesses. She is the author and publisher of several books including “The Land of I Can,” and “KLOUT SCORE: Social Media Influence, How to Gain Exposure and Increase Your Klout,” Susan combines online marketing with strategic thinking to create successful programs. Working most often with authors and entrepreneurs, she understands promotion at a personal level as a regularly quoted resource in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine and many more. Follow her Digital Marketing Tips at her blog: SusanGilbert.com

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