As a freelance copywriter, I often work solo. Most of the time, I like it that way. But around the holidays, I try to branch out and be a little more visible in front of my clients.

This is not only good because it lets me show gratitude to my clients, but it lets me build my brand. Otherwise, my clients only know me via phone or email. But when they see a holiday card, or I show up to deliver a holiday basket in person, I think it adds to my brand.

Why? Because they know my brand as what they perceive of me, but when they get to see and meet me, I think that really adds to it.

I feel extremely fortunate that one of my best clients is only a mere 15 minutes from my home. As such, I take the time to make an in-person appearance each year. This year, I dropped off a holiday basket at the client’s office complete with goodies and homemade biscotti. I didn’t just drop it off at the counter, either. I took time to shake hands with a few employees and finally met my new project manager face to face. Even better–they say the biscotti was a hit. And if you know branding well, you know even biscotti can be part of your brand!

While I can’t do this for every client, I tried to inject a little personality for some other clients. I sent a few holiday baskets and cards. These little touches I hope build upon my brand and give it the personal touch. You don’t have to recognize every client at the holidays, after all, but when you do it shows your clients that you really care about their business.

In my case, being able to meet the client face-to-face and bring in some goodies was a plus for all of us. I think they really appreciated the gesture, and I enjoyed doing it. How often can solo professionals who work from home do that for their clients? The holidays are the perfect time to show gratitude, which in turn, builds your personal brand.

How did you use the holidays to build your brand?


Kristen is a copywriter and author who enjoys what she does for a living. Kristen is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Kristen writes regularly for MediaBistro, SheKnows and FreelanceSwitch. She is a panelist on the biweekly, award-winning podcast FreelanceRadio. Kristen is the author of Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes: An After-College Guide to Life and her new book, It Takes More than Talent: Business Basics for the Creatively Inclined is due out in January 2013. She has been featured on NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and CareerBuilder; and also in the Boston Herald, the New Jersey Star-Ledger and in the Asbury Park Press.