Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

social-network-153535_640Before you join in a video conference or virtual meeting of any kind, think through the ramifications of what’s about to happen. Take at least a little time to create a positive impression with your visual surroundings and make the exchange productive for all. Outline your objective. Rehearse your points so that you can:

• Inform and “tell, not sell” • Relate a compelling story

• Be exciting
• Be entertaining

• Talk with the viewers, not at them

With prethinking, at the very least you’ll relax and show respect to others, but in addition, you’ll minimize freezing, failing, or fumbling in front of the camera.

One CEO told me his prep, “I breathe deeply because it helps me talk when my lungs are full of air. I suck my gut in, get on the balls of my feet even though I’m seated, and get ready to be fired at.”