Vitality Drives Healthy Business

Successful photo from ShutterstockA common topic among experienced entrepreneurs is that of “burnout”. The question becomes, have you truly burned out or do you simply need to rest and regroup?

Frequently, when big projects are completed and the frenzy dies down, this is when the idea of burnout hits. It’s the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship hitting the highs and lows. In order to get back to the high climb, self-reflection is a recommended practice. This will get you back on track for the next big project while attaining that long held vision of what you would ultimately like to achieve.

Enjoyment in what you are doing increases the willingness to keep learning, expanding, and attaining new milestones. The question to ponder is, what do you truly enjoy doing? Whether you are contemplating to create a business or are in the midst of building one, examine the areas that interest you most. A great example is that of Mrs. Fields; she loved baking cookies and turned her passion into a thriving corporation.

Do you have an idea in mind, but don’t know how to get started or need help with funding? There are many free resources in most communities and coaches are in no short supply. You will also find many options for funding in terms of angel investors, crowd funding, or seeking a loan from a bank.

The more challenging part of business is to keep abreast of new trends as well as how various generations conduct business. By understanding traditional and new age thinking, you become better positioned to work with multiple generations thereby increasing your clientele potential. An alternate method of getting up the learning curve quickly is to observe the worst and the best strategies of business owners, who have preceded you, to learn the lessons they already experienced.

A hard lesson for most entrepreneurs is conserving money when times are good. Many spend their earnings on hopeful projects or accessories rather than wise investments such as additional training. Then when the economy adjusts, they have nowhere to go but out of business.

To keep your vitality in check, keep a check on your ultimate vision while continually setting goals and creating projects pointing in that direction. One tip to heed is to recognize when one idea proves not to be fruitful. Discard it as quickly as possible to free your time and energy up for another more worthy endeavor.

Returning to the question of burnout and should it be real, in that you are tired and have accomplished much that you set out to do, then it’s time to think about all that you have to offer to other communities. Consider writing about your experiences, mentoring students or becoming associated with non-profits to share your best business insights.

At any stage in business, teaching what you learn is an outstanding strategy in that you are viewed as a leader. It builds your personal brand, and others benefit from your expertise. Teaching and collaborating becomes a win for many that leads to the Smooth Sale!