Little League Baseball photo from ShutterstockFor the past two weeks the Little League World Series (LLWS) has been going on in Williamsport, PA. For those that missed it I will not spoil it for you.  You can get all the stats here. Like with every LLWS there are a few breakout teams and a few breakout stars that really make the event special. Of course, there is something special about the whole two weeks of LLWS play and in the weeks and months of hard work that lead up to the Pinnacle of Little League.

There are things we can take away from the LLWS that can be applied to business and to life.

Some of the standouts this year were:

  • Mo’ne Davis – The Star Pitcher and Youngest Athlete ever on the cover of Sports Illustrated
  • Dave Belisle’s post game speech – As Rhode Island’s coach he showed what youth sports is all about.
  • The Players – Every player gave it their all. They left everything on the field and it showed.

Each stood out for different reasons. The main reason they stand out is because they bring something to the game that defines the game and exemplifies the best of youth sports. Below are a few takeaways from the LLWS that I think have a direct correlation to business and life.

It Takes a Team

It was impressive to see and hear the response from a young Mo’ne Davis when asked about being in the spotlight. While she clearly has incredible skills as a pitcher and a player she had the poise, confidence and presence to clearly state that she is just one player.

Beyond Little League – At work and in life we are responsible for our own actions and for what we bring to the table. We are often expected and required to work together as a team. It serves us well to remember that and recognize and reward the team members and their contributions.

The Pinnacle of their Young Careers

As Dave Belisle intoned… this is the best way to end their Little League careers. The great news is that while this may be the pinnacle of their Little League career it’s only just the beginning. They are just barely teenagers. They have a long, long way to go and who knows… some of these kids will go on to greatness in baseball. Many will go onto other things. That’s life. That’s baseball.

Beyond Little League… our lives have many parallels. We will inevitably end one thing and move on to another. Perhaps in the same sense that once we’ve completed a degree at university we move on. Or when we complete a project at work we move on. Sometimes there will be no way to go back and do that same project again. That’s ok. Take what you’ve learned and grow from there.

Battle to the Last Out

Another thing Dave Belisle spoke about was the fact that the players on his team never gave up. They battled to the last out.

Beyond Little League – We need to give it 100% and push towards the end goals we set for ourselves. Perhaps we will not achieve them, but we will likely learn a lot about ourselves and our team mates along the way. Only by battling to the end can we know we gave it our all.

These are just a few points and takeaways from the Little League World Series. When we realize we are part of a team, that we need to keep learning and that we need to finish what we started we will be recognized for our accomplishments and will Stand Out in our Careers.

Congratulations to the kids, the coaches, the parents and the league who put this all together and plan out for an entire year to make sure this is a great experience for all the teams that come from so many places around the United States and around the world.

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