Why Is It Important to Ask Questions

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22380585338_3b996c5bd7 Asking questions is a basic leadership requirement. Whether you are leading, managing, job interviewing, negotiation, selling, influencing or just engaging your question asking is more important then you question answering.

  • Find out what the other people care about, value, like, and dislike
  • Distinguish yourself from the know-it-alls
  • Flatter others, and maintain their self-esteem
  •  Show interest in others rather than coming across as just trying to get what you want
  • Get a more honest assessment of the situation
  • Avoid jumping to conclusions and making false assumptions
  • Help guide people to arrive at the answer you want
  • Buy yourself time
  • Handle surprise and attack by asking for clarification instead of jumping into a defensive mode
  • Persuade better
  • Reinforce, clarify, or correct what you think you know
  • Test and verify what they know