The movement towards social media being the central nervous system for everything is well underway. The social media movement may be in its infancy, but like all growing trends, there will be those that see the light before others and position themselves for success. There will be big winners and big losers.

The personal brands that choose to learn about the changes taking place in the marketplace and experiment with social media and blogging will gain lift before their competition. The one’s that figure it out ahead of their competition, or do something unique, are going to have a serious competitive advantage. They will be the big guns.

Jeremiah Owyang wrote at excellent post on the future of the social web, and while it takes some time to connect the dots back to relevance for your personal brand, it is an exercise that needs to be done.

Read these excepts and think about how it will effect your sales organization:

“Shatter your Corporate Website: In the most radical future, content will come to consumers –rather than them chasing it– prepare to fragment your corporate website and let it distribute to the social web. Let the most important information go and spread to communities where they exist; fish where the fish are.”

“Evolve your Enterprise Systems: Your enterprise systems will need to connect to the social web. Social networks and their partners are quickly becoming a source of customer information and lead generation beyond your CRM system. CMS systems will need to inherit social features –pressure your vendors to offer this, or find a community platform.”

Why is the social graph vital to your personal brand?

Everyone is on a social network and new profiles are added every hour. Those that are not on a social network are the exception and not the norm. We need to start thinking of everyone we met in person or digitally as social creatures. Social creatures that go to their trusted network for advice and recommendations on what to buy or when they are seeking information. This new type of behavior is increasingly happening on social networks first.

What is a stake for your personal brand?

How about everything. The first movers that start to make social work for them will make boatloads of money and be the thought leader in their marketplace. Those that are second will have to play catch up with from a competitive disadvantage and may never catch up. The last one’s to the party will be consistently watch as the best opportunities go to the more powerful personal brands.

Social networking is 100% relevant to your personal band. Period.