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  • Why You Need a #PersonalHashtag Campaign

    The Big Idea: Social media is inundated with hashtags that do little more than describe our mood. Let’s turn the hashtag into a modern-day resume and use it promote ourselves with content of our choosing.


    With one furious hashtag, Kim Kardashian blasted TV host Katie Couric for questioning why the reality star is so famous. Naturally, Kim could only respond through a bitter retort visible to millions upon millions of people.

    What choice did she have?

    Remember when the ‘pound’ sign was exclusively a tease for more information on social media? If we searched the particular hashtag, we would find more content related to the word or phrase.

    Now, we post a Facebook photo of a shiny diamond ring and tag it with:

    #OMGcantbelieveimengaged #loveatfirstsight #isaidYES

    Without warning, the hashtag morphed into an amusing way to describe our mood or the moment. We need to tell the world how we feel, and a hashtag seems the snappiest way to do it.


    Hang on a sec. What if our unique hashtags could revolutionize the idea of a resume and professional portfolio? What if they could help us promote ourselves 24/7?


    Introducing the #PersonalHashtagCampaign

    Let’s say you send out dozens of resumes as you look in every direction for a job. Right below your name, you add a personal hashtag (in my case, #dannyrubinportfolio). Also throw that hashtag at the top of cover letters and in your email signature.

    Employers are likely to stop cold and check out that hashtag.

    Why? Because they’ve probably never seen anything like it.

    Sure, you could be really freaking clever and convert your resume into an eBay product, but what if the slick tactic completely bombs?

    With a personal hashtag campaign, you share the stuff an employer needs to see.



    Think about it. An employer reads so many predictable resumes that his eyes start to roll into the back of his head. All of a sudden, he notices a personal hashtag in the corner of yours. He’s intrigued. He jumps on Twitter, types in your hashtag and finds a neat little list of your greatest stuff.

    Before long, he’s clicking around and getting to know you while everyone else is lost in the mountain of resumes piled on his desk.


    Even if you have a solid career and no plans to quit, a hashtag like #yournameportfolio is an ongoing glimpse into your world. You can link people to:

    – a big project you just finished

    – article that mentions you or an article you find interesting

    – community or volunteer organizations you’re involved with

    – your company’s services or roster of clients

    You then have a living, breathing portfolio accessible to anyone on the planet. A person only needs to stumble upon #yournameportfolio (or whatever you choose to call it), and — bam — you are on full display.

    Kinda makes a pdf resume feel insignificant.

    #onelessreasonforpaper #savintrees

    What will you call your #personalhashtagcampaign? And what will you share?

    In business today, it’s all about telling your story faster and smarter than the next person.


    Guest Author:

    Danny Rubin is a PR professional and also writes News To Live By (NTLB), a blog for Millennials that highlights the career advice and leadership lessons *hidden* in the day’s top stories. His NTLB columns are featured on several blogs and news sites, including Huffington PostParade Magazine and Brazen Life. His mantra: don’t just read the news — use it to get better. Follow the blog on Twitter.

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