Your Energy Attracts Interest and Increases Results

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Is the job or the client right for you?

Your communication style reveals the real you. What message are you sending in person sitting across the desk from the Hiring Manager or to your Prospect whom you would like as your next client? What type of communication are you sending online or in video?

Your choice of words, order of sentences indicating priorities, facial expressions, body language, attire, addressing client objections, listening and answering appropriately will all contribute to whether or not you get the sale or hear HIRED!

What energy are you emitting?

But equally important to all of the above is your energy. For a moment, imagine someone sitting in front of you with no smile on their face. That person simply answers questions without emotion, does not take the initiative to return questions that would show they did their homework prior, and they appear lifeless. Would you want to hire this person for a job or as a service provider? Most likely you would say, “Next!”

You need to always reflect energy, enthusiasm and a drive to learn more. These traits are delivered when you speak with a smile in your voice and on your face. The underlying perception is you are confident and motivated to get the job done whether for employment or for a client.

Think back to the last time you met someone you did not like. Most likely, it was a negative energy between the two of you. From that point forward it would be difficult to become fast friends. You certainly would not hire someone that emitted a negative signal.

Now reflect back to the last time you met someone who had a great laugh and was fun to talk to. Which traits did that person seem to have? Is it possible to create a checklist of what you particularly liked and related to? Are you able to relate that person’s natural talent and interest to an industry or profession?

An energy read

If you take the time to answer the questions then consider other people with similar qualities. Perhaps this will lead to recognizing a new area for job interviewing or a new prospective audience. Some people refer to this as an “energy read.”

This concept is used on social media too when people ask to be your friend. Some people just do not reflect a friendly persona on their pages so you may skip over those requests. Using video, it’s very important to be almost bubbly while delivering sound advice.

When you take the time to fully recognize the venues in which you are the happiest to focus on those, this will translate into emitting a positive energy each and every time. A greater percentage of prospects will be far more inclined to enjoy your company. After an energetic conversation they will then be far more likely to convert into your next client or hiring manager.

Your brand will develop into one of “a person easy to talk with and do business with”. I know because my brand became “a breath of fresh air”. Word travels and this is when you enjoy the rewards of repeat business, referrals and testimonials. As your brand builds, your clientele becomes your salesforce. In terms of getting hired, your friends and associates sell you to the hiring manager. You now have the luxury of enjoying the Smooth Sale!


Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC authored the International Best-Selling book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results” and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews”. Elinor provides team sales training, private coaching and highly acclaimed keynotes for conferences.