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    Interested in professional business cards? See my post!

    If you have a question, comment, or concern, I’m very happy to offer you assistance. Please be respectful of my time, as I get hundreds of emails each day and have a fairly tight schedule. I’m more than happy to work with you at your next event or on a project. I do consulting and speaking for those interested in building powerful personal brands. My contact information is below if you would like to touch base. 🙂

    Personal website: DanSchawbel.com

    Gmail: dan.schawbel@gmail.com

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      Robert Morris says:

      Dear Dan,
      My name is Robert Morris and I would like to write a post for Personal branding blog: “Effective tips for social recruiting”.
      Please, let me know what you think about this idea.

      Thank you.
      Best wishes, Robert Morris

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      Josh says:

      Quick question for you. Have you tested many SEO analyzation or report generation tools? I have a new tool called SEOExpositor.com and you basically enter in your client’s keyword and domain and it analyzes it for both onpage and offsite factor. The 10-page PDF can be printed and direct mailed, or just emailed. It can be used as sales material or as an update for a client. I’d like to hook you up with a free copy since you seem to have reasonable authority.

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      Elizabeth says:

      Your website is automatically posting to my Facebook account. Please stop posting to my account.

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