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    Being Authentic Takes Practice

    Have you ever been part of a talk where, even though the presenter seemed to have their facts and information right, the presentation seemed flat? Or maybe you’ve been that presenter who’s worked so hard on their presentation that you actually overdo it, and end up losing that authentic edge to your work by belaboring …

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    Top Hard Skills That Will Get You Hired Fast

    Before Applying for a Job, Audit Your Online Presence and Social Media Accounts

    LinkedIn recently announced the hottest skills of 2015 which got people hired. LinkedIn found this data by analyzing all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on its website in 2015.

    Cloud and Distributed Computing: 2015 was the year of cloud and it is no surprise to see that cloud and distributed computing is…
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    5 Ways To Refresh Your Personal Brand This Year

    Are you ready to make this year the best year for your career? If so, it might be time to refresh your personal brand.

    Refreshing your personal brand will make you feel more confident about your career, discover new opportunities, and get noticed by employers. By refreshing your resume or updating your online portfolio, you …

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    5 Skills That Will Get You Hired

    Do you possess strong communication skills? Do perform well in a team setting? If so, it’s very likely you’ll be a highly sought-after candidate in 2015.

    According to a November 2014 report by NACE, leadership, the ability to work in a team, and strong communication skills are just a few of the top skills employers …

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    MOOCs and the Coming University Mergers

    If you are considering going to college or going back to college in the near future, I recommend you read my last post titled How Universities Are Failing Their Graduates, Part 3. I ended it with:

    “Dinosaurs are dead. Is higher education (as we now know it) headed for a slot beside them in the …

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    6 Things You Forget About When Building A Personal Brand

    Most professionals know by now that a strong personal brand is the foundation for a successful career.

    Whether you use your personal brand to find jobs, promote your freelance business, or build your professional network, it’s important to create a brand that illustrates your professional experience and personality. Your personal brand can also help you …

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    Are You a Generalist or Specialist

    Generalist or Specialist?

    How you manage your career depends on whether you are a generalist or specialist.

    When I started my career in the 1970s, large corporations valued generalists. In my 22 years of working for IBM, they let me take a variety of career paths. It also suited my personality, because I have a …

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    5 Questions to Ask When Defining Your Personal Brand

    Whether you’re an accountant, entrepreneur, or writer, any type of professional can benefit from building a personal brand.

    When creating your personal brand, the most important (but most difficult) step is to define yourself as a professional. Your personal brand isn’t just something you use to market yourself to employers or other professionals; it’s who …

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    Learning from Successes Trumps Learning from Failure Every Time

    Long-term success is contingent on continual improvement.

    There are manifold continuous improvement strategies from the Japanese Kaizen to Six Sigma to personal self-reflection and meditation.

    Most improvement strategies rely on identifying mistakes and taking action to ensure those mistakes are corrected and not repeated.

    Some of the most successful people espouse the “fail fast, fail …

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    Turn a Scanty Resume into a Winning Marketing Brochure

    Most recent graduates have very limited “real world” work experience and struggle to create a resume which gets the attention of hiring managers. Those grads who were lucky enough to have had internships and who got good grades still have many gaps in their resumes. The first step to getting hired is realizing that your …

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