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6 Things You Forget About When Building A Personal Brand

Most professionals know by now that a strong personal brand is the foundation for a successful career.

Whether you use your personal brand to find jobs, promote your freelance business, or build your professional network, it’s important to create a brand that illustrates your professional experience and personality. Your personal brand can also help you …

Personal BrandingSkill DevelopmentWorkplace Success

5 Questions to Ask When Defining Your Personal Brand

Whether you’re an accountant, entrepreneur, or writer, any type of professional can benefit from building a personal brand.

When creating your personal brand, the most important (but most difficult) step is to define yourself as a professional. Your personal brand isn’t just something you use to market yourself to employers or other professionals; it’s who …

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Learning from Successes Trumps Learning from Failure Every Time

Long-term success is contingent on continual improvement.

There are manifold continuous improvement strategies from the Japanese Kaizen to Six Sigma to personal self-reflection and meditation.

Most improvement strategies rely on identifying mistakes and taking action to ensure those mistakes are corrected and not repeated.

Some of the most successful people espouse the “fail fast, fail …