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Getting Your Foot in the Door: 3 Strategies to Break Into a New Career

Most working professionals have considered trying something different as a career. However, many are unable to successfully switch into a new career path because they lack key insight into the tactics that will get them noticed by hiring managers who can facilitate a significant career move.

Instead of going about their job search as they …

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Employment Dynamic Has Shifted: Understand Benefits of ‘The Alliance’

Companies are in constant competition to attract and retain talented employees. One dynamic which challenges todays workplace is the flawed relationship between employers and employees.  Many new and successful companies assert that this is because the relationship is based on an outdated model. The older model is a throwback to a more stable time  when …

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Personal Branding Weekly – Manage Things. Lead People.

I’ve never been fond of the title “community manager”.  After all, a community is created of individual people. And, for a long time, I’ve tried to live a life engaged with others with this thought in mind, “Manage Things; Lead People”. This amazing group of individuals don’t just “manage” their community – they lead, nurture, …

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What Neuroscience Teaches About Creativity, Stress and Getting Promoted

On the surface, stress might seem like a good way to kick-start  productivity, but studies show that when we are under stress we can’t think as broadly, widely or deeply. Stress can increase motor function but it decreases perception, cognition and creativity.

David Rock, author of Your Brain at Work and the co-founder of the …