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Captivating Captivology: An Interview with Ben Parr

From the mind of writer Ben Parr comes his first work, Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention, a scientific and psychological approach to how attention is captured. In It, Parr addresses the role technology has played in severely lowering our attention spans due to the 24/7 access to unlimited entertainment it provides. Because of …

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“Priceless” Leadership: An Interview with Kevin Allen

Recently, I had the chance to connect with Kevin Allen, the pitchman behind MasterCard’s now iconic “Priceless” campaign and author of the Wall Street Journal best-seller, The Hidden Agenda. In Allen’s newest book, The Case of the Missing Cutlery, he discusses his journey to becoming a leader. Specifically, he recalls his time as a young …

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Ditch the Pitch: An Interview with Steve Yastrow

Recently, I had the privilege to connect with Steve Yastrow, a former marketing executive and the founder of Yastrow & Company, a consulting organization that helps businesses improve results through breakthrough marketing, customer relationship, and sales ideas. Steve’s new book, Ditch the Pitch: The Art of Improvised Persuasion, makes the case against a standard sales …

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Romancing the Brand: An Interview with Tim Halloran

Recently I had the privilege of connecting with Tim Halloran, President of Brand Illumination and author of the new book Romancing the Brand: How Brands Create Strong, Intimate Relationships with Consumers. We discussed the key ingredients needed for a strong brand, how small businesses can take the first step to create meaningful, long-term relationships with …

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Fit at Last: An Interview with Ken Blanchard

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ken Blanchard, one of the most influential business leadership experts and author of the iconic One Minute Manager. His newest book, Fit at Last, demonstrates how his leadership techniques can be applied to achieving success and strengthening commitment by chronicling his journey to better health. We discussed …

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Economy of You: An Interview with Kimberly Palmer

Recently, I spoke with Kimberly Palmer, senior money editor and Alpha Consumer blogger at U.S. News & World Report. Kimberly is also a successful “side-hustler,” building an Etsy shop of money planners to help create some financial freedom. She also is releasing a new book, entitled The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and …

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How to Start Building Your Personal Brand Today

If you’re having trouble balancing long-term personal brand building and career development with the requirements of your day-to-day job, I have the perfect book for you.

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results is a highly readable book that provides a fresh perspective on planning, accomplishment, and success.

The ONE Thing immediately …