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    The Purple Cow Job Description – Should I Apply?

    Finding A Job photo from Shutterstock

    Purple Cow Job Description?

    I guarantee you have read a purple cow job description. It’s one of those that, when you finished reading it, you said to yourself:

    I am not qualified for this job but… is anyone?

    They are looking for the purple cow. The ideal candidate does not exist!

    I am going out on …

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    Understanding the Hiring Manager Prior to the Interview

    Interview photo from Shutterstock

    Who is the hiring manager? Who are they really?

    You are scheduled for an interview with the hiring manager. Who is this person? What do you have in common?

    The more you know about the hiring manager before the interview, the more you can do to work on building a relationship during the interview.

    Remember …

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    Workplace Communications – Generational Differences

    Workplace Meeting photo from Shutterstock

    Workplace communications has changed dramatically in my lifetime.

    When I started working as a programmer in Chicago in the mid 1970s, I had a phone on my desk. If I wanted to talk to my boss, I would call him and his secretary would often answer his phone. If he was not there, she would …

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    Evaluating the Job Offer – What is Missing?

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    When you get a job offer what is the first thing you look at?

    The Money!

    If all you are looking at is the money in the job offer, you may end up very disappointed a few months down the road.

    I wrote about determining what you want in non-financial terms in a previous post. I …

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    You Did Not Get the Job! Now What?

    No Job photo from Shutterstock

    You did not get the job! What do you do now?

    You just got the rejection notice that said you did not get the job you really wanted.

    What could have happened:…

    There was a more qualified candidate than you for this position.
    You did not demonstrate one or more attributes that they were looking

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    Promoting Your Brand Using LinkedIn Publisher

    Publish photo from Shutterstock

    LinkedIn Publisher is coming!

    LinkedIn Publisher was finally made available to me last week. LinkedIn Publisher is being rolled out to the entire LinkedIn community in phases. I posted my first article.

    What is LinkedIn Publisher?

    LinkedIn Publisher is the blogging platform that LinkedIn Influencers have been using for the last year or so. LinkedIn …

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    Inertia and Persistence as it Relates to Your Career

    Persistent Employee photo from Shutterstock

    Inertia and Persistence.

    Inertia inhibits us from moving forward in our career—persistence is what we need to keep us moving forward in our career.


    I am a baby boomer!

    I was raised to be an employee to go to work for an employer who would take care of me.

    We were also raised to …

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    What Does Your Resume Say About Your Age

    Resume Age photo from Shutterstock

    The format and contents of your resume says a lot about your age. Age discrimination is a fact of life in today’s job market. This goes both ways for the young and the old. I want to discuss the signs that you are over 50 years of age and, hopefully, get you past the initial …

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    Case Study – Targeted Job Search

    Job Search photo from Shutterstock

    Case Study – A real life example of a Targeted Job Search.

    I met my client, who I will call Susan, 18 months ago—and this was the start of her targeted job search.

    Susan is a project manager and marketing professional. She worked for a small firm where the founding partners were in disagreement on …

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    4 Steps in Creating Your Video Interview Environment

    Video Conference photo from Shutterstock

    Have you had a video interview? If you have not been in a video interview yet, just wait. This could be done via Skype, Google Hangouts, or a variety of other platforms. The key to a successful video interview is to look and, more importantly, sound your best.

    Room Selection

    The room environment where you …

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