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    What Executives Can Learn From Dog Owners

    Leadership photo from Shutterstock

    “You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his dog….” anonymous

    Surprisingly, dog owners and trainers can teach valuable lessons to business owners about establishing and maintaining good relationships. And while dogs are known to be loyal to their owners, there are some things owners do to advance the bond, instill …

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    Don’t Be a “Know It All”: No One Will Hire You!

    Know it All photo from Shutterstock

    “He only errs when he thinks he knows what he does not know” – Socrates

    One of the worst traits a candidate can exhibit is being a “know it all”. There’s a huge difference between someone who has healthy self-esteem and someone who’s a “know it all”.  A person with healthy self-esteem has clear knowledge of …

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    Ten Signs You Could Be a Budding Workaholic

    Workaholic photo from Shutterstock

    While having a good work ethic and ambition is critical for success in today’s competitive job market, many business owners, executives and rising stars  have an excessive devotion to their work.  They struggle with guilt feelings for not spending more time at work and fear potential pitfalls of not being there to oversee their business. …

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    Kick-start Your Week With A Happiness Regimen

    Happiness Plan photo from Shutterstock

    Good habits are known to increase overall well-being and happiness; whether it’s engaging in exercise, meditation, or eating well, there are still days you may not feel jovial or serene. Everyone could benefit from jump starting their day with a healthy dose of happiness. As silly as it sounds, focusing on the simple fact that …

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    Want to Improve? Know Your Strengths

    Strength photo from Shutterstock

    We’ve all struggled to overcome something we don’t like about ourselves. Why is it so hard to change a single bad habit? The tabloids have talented and famous people splashed across their headlines who’ve  had their careers destroyed by bad habits.  Are we all impatient or lazy? Why do we struggle so hard to change …

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    Can We Improve Our Decisions and Control Our Future?

    Man Daydreaming photo from Shutterstock

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict your future and make all the right choices? Better decisions would ultimately make you happy later and make your life much more trouble-free. Research in behavioral economics shows that most people make choices about how they imagine events will be. These decisions are based on our perspective …

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    Successful People Have These Four Things in Common

    Successful People photo from Shutterstock

    “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”

    – Benjamin Franklin

    Surprisingly even some of the most confident people don’t really know their strengths.  While you might be able to generally describe what you’re good at it’s important to know specifically what it is that you can do …

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    What’s Your Body Language Saying?

    Body Language from Shutterstock

    Since we all want to portray ourselves as cool, intelligent, strong, charismatic, principled, caring, and interested in others,  learning  tactics  to make a great first impression is critical. First impressions are so important because they make an indelible mark on how we’re perceived by others. Surprisingly, our  posture, smile, eyes, personal hygiene and the way we …

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    Overcome the Post Summer Blues and Energize Your Autumn!

    Fun Autumn photo from Shutterstock

    A sure sign that summer is over is the return of school buses’ flashing stop lights back on the streets, Halloween decorations and costumes on the shelves and the tips of Oaks, Maples and Buckeye trees shedding their green exterior to reveal the burnt red and yellow tone at their tips.  The air’s a bit …

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    Twelve Traits that Define a Truly Amazing Boss

    Happy Business Team photo from Shutterstock

    Surprisingly, people love or hate their jobs based on their interaction with their immediate supervisor. An amazing boss is also a great leader and has the ability to connect employees to an organization. The boss is likened to an umbilical cord for the employee to the organization. If that cord is damaged, the employees will …

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