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    shutterstock_175688906We often miss out on some of life’s best opportunities because we’re
    seeking perfection. Think of how many family vacations or first dates
    have ended up as let-downs because of heightened expectations.
    In the workplace, many people remain stuck in dead end jobs to avoid
    the risk of exploring a new opportunity. Most satisfied employees
    originally accept a job for practical reasons (better salary, better
    location or for a great boss) and parlay that experience to better and
    better roles. This practical path can position you into the satisfying
    job you’ve been dreaming of.
    One practical career changer is Bo Burlingham, Inc. Magazine’s editor
    at large. Bo came to his current role by accident. He initially hated
    the idea of working for a business magazine and only took the role to
    support a young family. He ended up finding a way to write about
    things that mattered to him and blended his practical skills with his
    passion of covering businesses that excel by giving back.
    If you’re stuck in a frustrating job, then now is the best time to
    find a mentor. Talk to people who you admire and whose personality and
    skills align with yours. Then, check out their profiles on LinkedIn.
    If you’re not sure where to find a mentor, join your alumni network
    and look at the variety of things that people with your degree are
    doing. You might be surprised to find useful products and services
    that you didn’t know about. These could be places for you to explore
    exciting career options.
    Reach beyond what you think you can do. Many companies hire people
    based on their personality and then find the right fit for you. If you
    can show genuine excitement, knowledge and an interest in learning
    more about their line of business, you might get hired for a job that
    could lead to more fulfilling work.
    Get proactive and seek out people and companies that are doing things
    that you admire. Meet with people who work in that field to gain insight about the field and then make your next move. Just a little bit of
    open mindedness and flexibility could be the preparation you need for
    landing the job you’ve always dreamed of. Take the first step and allow things to unfold in your life that could make 2016 a memorable, great year!

    Beth Kuhel, M.B.A., C.E.I.P., Executive Leadership and Career transition coach, writes about leadership strategies, career advancement and improving the workplace for Forbes, Huffington Post, Personal Branding blog and has been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur magazine, Tiny Pulse, U.S. News & World Report. Beth’s weekly career CJN career column was sponsored by Weatherhead School of Management. https://www.linkedin.com/nhome/ Follow Beth on Twitter at @BethKuhel

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