Author: Phil Rosenberg

Phil Rosenberg is president of, a leading job search information website and career coaching service. Phil also runs the Career Central group, one of Linkedin’s largest groups for job seekers and has built one of the 20 largest personal networks on Linkedin globally. 
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Employers Use Your Resume And LinkedIn Profile Differently

Many job seekers make the mistake of assuming that their resume and LinkedIn profile are the same thing.

… they’re not.

Job seekers who consider their LinkedIn profile to be equivalent to their resume can miss major opportunities to differentiate themselves resulting in lost job opportunities.

You can differentiate yourself much more effectively as a …

Brand Yourself AsCareer DevelopmentJob SearchPersonal Branding

Obsolete Information Brands Job Seekers As Obsolete

Could one of your job search problems be that you’re using obsolete information?

How do you think obsolete job search information causes you to brand yourself on your resume and during an interview?

When you use obsolete information in your job research, you focus on keywords, employer issues and employer problems that aren’t problems anymore …

Brand Yourself AsCareer DevelopmentJob SearchPersonal Branding

How Objective Statements Affect Your Personal Brand

I get asked this question at least once a week – “What do you think about objective statements?”

What I think isn’t important. What the reader of your resume thinks … that’s what’s critical.

Objective statements became a standard part of traditional resumes when there were candidate shortages. When there were candidate shortages, it was …

Brand Yourself AsCareer DevelopmentJob SearchPersonal Branding

Personalized Hiring Manager References Improve Your Personal Brand

Your references can mean the difference between being winning the job vs just being a finalist.

Can your references increase the chances you’ll actually win the job over the other finalists?

Think about your references from past employers. Sure, all your references probably say great things about you (otherwise you probably wouldn’t list them as …