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    Wear an Open, Easygoing Facial Expression

    Team meeting

    You can be taken seriously even if you indiscriminately smile out loud.

    This is all about your “game face.” Keep an awake, alert, alive look that invites people to talk to you. Why? Because you need people to talk to you with suggestions, problems, advice, watch-outs, issues, mistakes, concerns, opportunities, fears, and frustrations. If they …

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    Two-Step Remedy For Resting B*tch Face

    Mad There are more resting bitch faces (RBF) in business then there are bitches.  If you want to be a workplace leader you have to rearrange your facial expression.   Same goes for resting fart faces (RFF) in men.    Both female and male boomers and millennials send a message they don’t intend when they unconsciously adopt a…
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