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    When Silence is Golden in Building Your Personal Brand

     “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.”― Mark Twain

    Many times it’s difficult not to respond to someone, especially when we feel we’ve been attacked or provoked. Our natural impulse is to react defensively and all too often our impulsive response makes things much …

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    5 Lessons My Father Taught That Shape My Decisions!

    My father took his role as a parent seriously and frequently reminded my siblings and me that certain values were important to him. He unabashedly told us at different times that if we wanted to make him happy, we too would abide by these five principles: And conversely, if we didn’t, well…he’d be deeply disappointed. …

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    Successful Networkers Respect Boundaries: Etiquette and Tact Pay Off!

    There is a delicate balance between self-promoting and promoting with tact and appropriateness. If you pay close attention to the signals you’re receiving from peers and colleagues you can learn when someone truly wants advice or information about your product/service and when they’re not really interested.  Ask yourself the question; Is it worth investing energy …

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