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    What to Do When You’re Headed for a Business Breakup


    The right business partnership has the power to create an amazing company. When business partners can bounce ideas off each other, share a larger vision and work together to create something awesome, companies are more successful.

    Unfortunately, not all business partnerships end positively. While a business relationship may seem promising in the beginning, people can …

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    How to Choose a Green Card for Your Job


    If you are looking to legally enter and obtain residence in the United States, one of the most popular ways to do so is by applying for an employment-based green card. Green cards are issued based on employment categories and there are strict requirements, but as long as you know what to expect and which …

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    8 Ways to Fund Your Startup


    Running your own business is a great way to experience career flexibility and financial independence. While it’s an idea that has crossed nearly everyone’s mind at one point or another, very few actually capitalize on such thoughts. There are a number of common barriers that are inherent to the startup process itself, but none are …

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    3 Very Real Forms of Discrimination Employees Face at Work


    Employment discrimination is a battle some people face daily. You may know the more common types of employment discrimination such as discrimination based on race, but did you know there are lesser-known types people face as well? You may even have come up against one of the three types discussed below without realizing it was …

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    9 Easy Ways to Save Money and the Planet


    For the penny-pinching entrepreneur, cutting down on overhead costs and long-term operational expenses can go a long way in maximizing profitability. This is especially helpful when launching a new startup business, as quick and significant income is often essential to the longevity of any business.

    Here are some easy ways to save some green and …

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    No Nagging Needed: How to Get Employees to Meet Deadlines


    If your boss micromanages you, it feels awful. It instills a sense of powerlessness, cramps your productivity and squishes your creativity. This same feeling could be true for the employees you manage if you’re micromanaging them and unaware of it.

    You need to manage your employees and make sure you, and they, meet deadlines. It …

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    4 Contract Creation Tips to Avoid Disputes


    Entrepreneurs are no strangers to contracts. Whether it’s an employee agreement, a lease for office space or a purchasing agreement, contracts are frequently used to outline the expectations of business partnerships or relationships.

    Ideally, the contract is in place so both parties understand what’s expected of them. Contracts ensure that everyone entering into the agreement …

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    Using the Holiday Season to Bolster Mobile Ecommerce


    Holidays can be a trying time for any company. While some companies see increased profitability and patronage during this time of year, other businesses struggle with marketing, consumer interest and increasing labor costs. However, many of these issues can be eliminated by adapting your ecommerce platform to the mobile-centric nature of today’s online shoppers.

    Start …

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    Building Your First Website: Why You Should Hire a Developer


    As any successful entrepreneur understands, the key to carving out an existence in today’s market means generating interest and gaining exposure for your new product or service. While this can be achieved in a variety of ways, new startups and established companies alike are turning to the internet in order to market themselves through their …

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    7 Ways a Journal Can Help Your Career


    Keeping a journal might seem like a holdover from your bygone days of tea parties and sleepovers, but this remnant from childhood is anything but childish. Keeping a journal, even if you’re only jotting down a few words or sentences every day, can be an invaluable way to organize your thoughts, keep track of your …

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