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    11 Reasons to Be a Lifetime Learner

    After more than a dozen years in school, it can be tempting to take a break from learning. Of course, you can’t completely avoid picking up new skills or tidbits of knowledge as time progresses. But you should actually make a point to do so for several reasons — here are 11 of them.

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    How to Negotiate Your Way Up the Career Ladder

    Negotiating on the job is a vital skill for upward mobility — you don’t want to get stuck in the same role for two decades, burn out or lose interest in what you do.

    When you negotiate, aim for more than a salary bump. In fact, it’s necessary to ensure you don’t settle and you …

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    Addressing On-The-Job Injuries as an Independent Contractor

    In traditional nine-to-five jobs, workers’ compensation represents an essential part of the employee-employer relationship that supports injured workers and businesses alike. Employees have job security and apt time to recover from their injuries, but if you’re an independent contractor, what do you do when you have a work injury?

    As a contractor, you’re not technically …

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    How to Get Back in Gear Post-Maternity Leave

    Since your newborn’s birth, talk consists of everything baby-related: name, age, weight and hours spent in labor. While you love discussing your bundle of joy, you’ve got other labor in mind — returning to work and life post-maternity leave.

    How do you get back into gear when your leave is up and you have to …

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    7 Ways VR Is Changing How We Work

    VR Changing the Workforce

    Virtual reality is a technology we mostly associate with video games, an accessory that makes a digital world tangible. But it’s more than just a hobby — it’s a device that’s changing the working world, too.

    That’s because virtual reality has multiple uses for companies large and small, jobs tech-related and old-fashioned. Soon, it’ll probably …

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    Why Disability Insurance Is Essential for Your Family

    Insurance Importance for Family Business

    Working yourself to the bone is an unintentional but seemingly necessary professional philosophy. Most of the time, people don’t invest in themselves because life is geared toward working yourself to death in the nine-to-five grind. So it makes sense that people invest in life insurance to protect their family and income in case of death. …

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    Looking to Go Into Consulting? 6 Things to Consider First


    Chances are, you already know what a consultant is — an expert in a particular field who uses their knowledge to help other businesses or professionals. You have a skill set that makes you a candidate to become a consultant, too, but going out on your own is certainly a challenge.

    Fortunately, others have traversed …

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    How to Take Your Job Anywhere In The World

    The world feels small when you stay in the same place for too long. What if you could travel the world and work on your terms whenever you wanted?

    That’s usually the question that raises a big red flag and makes you walk out on the latest webinar or workshop scam you fell for. You …

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    6 Hobbies That Can Make You Money on the Side

    Work consumes life for at least eight hours a day for most folks. You put in whatever your best effort is for the day and head home in the hopes of a good meal and rest.

    Where is the rest of your life? What do you do with your spare time?

    Eight hours of sleep, …

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    Why You Should Prioritize Learning Over Performance

    Sales Experience

    Standards set the bar for achievement, and in business, that bar raises and shifts position. No wonder professionals often burnout — they’re competing in a rat race, never making it out of the maze. Work culture must move from a focus on performance to a focus on learning.

    The prioritization of performance over learning persists …

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