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    Ho, Ho, Ho… Merry Job Search!

    You may think that the holidays are a good time (errrr… excuse) to take a break from your job search activities, but think again…employers are still hiring and they need great people just like you! In fact, the holidays can be an optimum time to increase your search efforts and here’s why:

    #1 – Competition …

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    Avoid Interview Blunders… aka: Don’t Mess Up!

    Interviewing can be a nightmare! Ok, there are probably some of you out there that may be thinking “what’s she talking about… I love interviewing!” But you are few and far between – if that’s you… read no further. But, if you’re within the norm, like most of us, we are usually running scared when …

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    Oh Boy…Time to Look For a New Job!

    I’ve coached hundreds of clients in job search and don’t think I’ve ever heard any of them exclaim that they were excited to be looking for a job. It’s an oxymoron – the term excitement and ‘job search’ just don’t go hand-in-hand. But, what is more important is what job search frequently connects us to …

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    Does Your Resume Scream Out Your Age?

    The contribution we have delivered during our career is one of the things we are usually very proud of and it can often span decades of time.  When we prepare our resume we want the people who review it to see that we have value add and expertise in our field – part of our …

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    Job Seekers – Be Found And Promote Your Personal Brand

    One of the most important things you can do as a job seeker is to position yourself to be easily found online by recruiters and employers. To do this it’s important to build your online personal brand and visibility. When a recruiter/employer types your name into Google what do they find? Try it yourself.

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    Resume Tips – Brand and Land

    It’s common knowledge that we all spend what would seem to be ‘light-years’ painstakingly preparing our resumes only to find out that the initial review is about 10 seconds before the reviewer either dumps it in the ‘no thanks’ pile or the ‘maybe’ pile…ouch!

    So, what is it that can make or break that first …

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