It’s common knowledge that we all spend what would seem to be ‘light-years’ painstakingly preparing our resumes only to find out that the initial review is about 10 seconds before the reviewer either dumps it in the ‘no thanks’ pile or the ‘maybe’ pile…ouch!

So, what is it that can make or break that first quick review?

Think strategically – what is the resumes #1 job? It’s to land you an interview (either in person or via phone). That being the case you only have a few seconds of the reviewer’s attention, so it is imperative that you use your personal branding right from the start. Excite the reader with your energy, passion and expertise. Let the reader know immediately how your expertise fits “their needs” (do not focus on what you want – after all, if you’re applying for the job that’s a no-brainer…right?)

So, how do you excite the reader with your energy, passion and expertise? Skip…and I am serious here…skip the old boring resume ‘objective statement’, i.e., “Looking to secure a position with growth opportunities where I can contribute my skills and expertise to meet the needs of the organization.” That statement is a real snoozer… are you asleep? Don’t use ‘prime real estate’ on your resume to bore someone to death!

You need a strong introduction – a summary/branding statement with punch! So get rid of that boring objective statement and use the top area of your resume to launch your personal brand, letting the employer know who you are in action, what they can expect to get from you and how you bring your value-add into an organization. This is the area where you tell them what you can do for them and let your expertise and brand work for you.

Here are (3) introductory summary/personal branding examples

Are you an IT Account Executive?

Strong forward-thinking leader with demonstrated ability partnering with key-stakeholders across the enterprise to define, align and translate corporate IT strategies into tactical plans. Impressive track record of strategic engagement and tactical planning in both sales and marketing to maximize efficient solutions. Expert at building strong customer relationships and becoming a trusted source through service and top-performance.

Are you an Administrative Professional?

Resourceful self-starter with ability to operate independently and manage multiple tasks/projects simultaneously. Strong collaborator with excellent organizational and problem-solving skills. Exceptional ability to manage projects from initiation through completion, within strict deadlines. Valued for collaborative communication style and teamwork. Known for exceptional customer service and “can do” attitude.

Are you an Event Planner?

Dynamic, team-spirited contributor with a terrific eye for detail. Meticulous project manager with the ability to simplify details. Strengths in planning, negotiating, staging and promoting major events. Reputation for managing and delivering events ‘on time and in budget’. Thrive in energetic, fast-paced diverse work environment. Well versed in all facets of creative event planning including executive corporate meetings, recreational events, VIP relations, fundraisers, theme parties and more.

Whatever your profession you have the ability to build a strong personal brand statement to use on your resume based on your unique value-add. So, instead of using the same ol’, same ol’ boring objective statement as an opener on your resume, get a head start on your competition and let your brand shine through!


Robin has taken her entrepreneurial spirit and teamed with executives in rapidly growing startup companies in the Silicon Valley, creating HR teams who helped to build incredibly talented organizations and mold strong collaborative, goal aligned cultures. As an expert resume writer and recruiter, Robin has been on both sides of the hiring process and has a keen understanding of the employer’s needs and their approach to reviewing resumes.  As Co Founder of FiredUP Careers, Robin brings her entrepreneurial talents, along with her broad range of expertise and insight to those who seek career advice.  With her complimentary blend of career expertise in HR Management, Recruiting, Staffing and Coaching – Robin is an ideal coach for anyone who is open to creative possibility and possesses a forward-thinking mindset.