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    Live Curiously – Ask the Question

    There is one school of thought that says … Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.  I think this is stupid and it defeats the purpose and intent of a question.

    Another school of thought is that there is no stupid question.  I like this mode of  thinking a lot more and …

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    What’s Worse than No Plan?

    There are times in life when it’s great to have no plan. Days at the beach, drives in the car, and if you are lucky … the time to be able to spend weeks exploring back roads at your leisure.

    Take advantage of those times while you can. However, for most people, they don’t last …

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    Focus On What You CAN Do and Do It!

    Are you stuck in a rut?

    There are lots of things going on right now that are not particularly pleasant or enjoyable. Many of those things though are out of our control.

    What we can change and what we do have control over is how we think, approach things and apply solutions. These are the …

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