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    Tips for Making a Great First Impression 

    making a great first impression

    Your first impression matters, whether you realize it or not. Research has shown that people who make a strong first impression are more likely to be liked, trusted, and followed than those who don’t. There are many things you can do to make a good first impression. Some of these techniques include making eye contact, …

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    4 Strategies for Improving Your Customer Service in 2022 

    improving your customer service

    What makes a business successful? Some would say great products, others might argue it’s great employees. And while both of those are extremely important, they aren’t what keeps a business running. To truly be successful, you need to have loyal customers, and improving your customer service keeps them loyal.

    Globally, 96% of consumers agree that …

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    4 Strategies to Leverage Your Team’s Strengths

    leverage your team's strengths

    Before asking if someone is getting the best out of you, ask yourself if you are giving the best out of yourself. This is a question you should ask not just about yourself, but about your employees as well. Getting the best out of someone means recognizing their strengths and using them for a common …

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    5 Strategies for Motivating Your Recruitment Team

    motivating your recruitment team

    Your company will suffer if recruiters are ineffective in spotting prospects. They’re something like the gatekeepers of your organization. Needless to say, you can’t afford to hire the wrong people or fail to motivate them. To reduce the chances of having an inefficient recruitment team, you need to take extra steps at motivating your recruitment …

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    20 Funny Work Jokes to Get You Through The Day

    work jokes

    We all need some humor in the workplace and laughing is very good for our health. If you see your coworkers are stressed out or depressed, then tell one of the work jokes below to cheer them up.

    There are only 10 (1 or 0) types of people. Those who know binary and those who…
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    How to Work With a Client You Don’t Like

    how to work together

    We deal with all types of people when we are working and some of them may not be very easy to work with. When you have to work with a client you don’t like, try to implement the below tactics for a smoother mode of operation.

    Be Professional: You don’t need to be friends with…
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    How to Build Stronger Relationships While Working Remotely

    build stronger relationships at work

    More people are working from home than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns have necessitated swift pivots to remote working globally. Even companies that were previously opposed to employees working from home have had to adapt. Furthermore, it looks like remote working is here to stay. According to a recent Gartner study, around …

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    How to Manage a Global Remote Team

    We are going through changing times in almost every sphere of our lives — and the workplace is no exception. While the remote working structure used to be primarily reserved for only a handful of professions, these days, more and more companies are choosing to stay open to hiring remote personnel.

    However, both working remotely …

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    5 Ways to Boost Collaboration During Remote Work

    Without face-to-face interactions, collaboration can be a challenge in remote work. In its stead are virtual meetings, which The New Yorker dubs as “a diminished simulacrum of the conference-table gatherings that drive so much of corporate life.” In other words, virtual meetings cannot approximate the richness of in-person interactions. Spontaneous hallway conversations, ‘water cooler’ talk, …

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    Fun Summer Activities for The Office


    Summer is approaching and it is time to plan some fun summer activities for work. Let your office get to know each other better and bond with the help of fresh air and sunshine. Below you can find some ideas:

    Field Trip: Summer is the best time to go outside for office bonding. The days…
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