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    Is Someone Getting the Best Out of You?

    is someone getting the best out of you Introduction

    Every day we wake up we have a choice. We can choose to plod through the day or not. We can choose to go thru the motions or not. We can choose to do our best work or not. I tend to fall into the last point here. Sure, there are days when you …

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    The Rule of 555 Meaning Law of Attraction

    The Rule of 555 Introduction

    The Rule of 555 meaning law of attraction is simple… It’s all about determining the value and implications of some action or decision.This is The Rule of 555 in a nutshell

    When you’re trying to make a decision think about how it will impact you in: Five Days, Five Weeks, Five Years. That’s it!…

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    Are you Talking Past Each Other?

    Too often these days we end up talking past each other.

    When the other person is talking to often we are thinking about what we want to say next or what we missed saying the last time we had our opportunity to talk.

    That is a classic case of talking past each other.

    What can …

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    Work Smarter, Not Harder… Today

    That old saying of Work Smarter Not Harder is very easy to say.

    However, it’s much hard to do.

    To Stand Out in Your Career it will take focus, practice, and foresight.

    In order to start Working Smarter and Not Harder… Today. You’ll need to brace yourself, prepare yourself, and hold yourself accountable for both …

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    Use Weekends to Catch Up, Get Ahead, or Re-Charge

    Recharge on the Weekend Relax Entrepreneur

    Which suits you the best?

    Do you use weekends as a chance to catch up, get ahead, or re-charge?

    There is no wrong answer. However if you consistently find yourself playing catch-up you may want to reevaluate your ability to say no.

    Knowing when and how to say no can allow you to focus on …

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    Just Tell Me All the Bad Stuff

    Many years ago I was asked to evaluate a speech for a Toastmasters event where the speaker was preparing for the regional championship. Wining at this level meant he would go onto to the international level. It was a big stepping stone. The speaker asked us to do him a favor before he got started. What he said caught my attention …

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    You Are Your Assumptions

    Everyone does it.

    Everyone allows their biases into their thought processes. Both the conscious and unconscious biases.

    It’s human nature.

    Don’t beat yourself up over it.

    Just remember… You are your assumptions.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. At least not forever and for everything. You can take a proactive role in seeking …

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    Reputation Is a Currency

    In the gig economy your reputation precedes you.

    As automation begins to make some jobs more scarce others will crop up to serve the gig economy.

    Your ability to stand out and differentiate yourself from others may come down to one thing… Your reputation.

    Reputation is a Currency

    The fact is… Reputation has always been …

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    The Hedonic Treadmill and Your Spin Rate


    When was the last time you bought something that you really wanted?

    How long after you bought it where you coming down off that buyers high?

    That is the Hedonic Treadmill

    Where you have highs and lows yet they are quickly attenuated back to your normal state of being.

    This is, for better or worse, …

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    Know When to Move On

    Recently I was talking with a few friends at Microsoft.

    They had all done something that might seem a little crazy.

    They resigned from their current positions.

    They moved on!

    Prompting me to wonder…

    When is the right time to move on?

    Asking this question is important. It’s important to think about moving on. It’s …

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