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    10 Things You Must Know About Getting the Interview!

    Power up your networking, resumes and interviews:  GET HIRED!

    In order to hook and reel in your dream job, you’ll need to first get your foot in the door for the interview and then make a great impression so you tip the hiring scale in your favor and get the job offer.  So let’s discuss …

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    Beware the ‘Tell me about your boss’ Question!

    Imagine for a moment that an exceptional job candidate is about thirty minutes into an important job interview. The candidate, whom we’ll call Joe, and the hiring manager seemed to have hit it off almost from the start. Joe has nailed every job-related question the hiring manager has thus far asked him. Because the hiring …

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    Going on an Interview? Watch ABC’s ‘Shark Tank!’

    Want some good advice on how to gain an added measure of preparation for an upcoming job interview? Watch ABC’s Shark Tank! This “reality” TV show, which features a panel of five wealthy entrepreneurs (“sharks”) considering investment proposals presented by a group of would-be entrepreneurs, can strongly and powerfully elevate your awareness and genuine appreciation …

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    Powerfully Branding Yourself to Lose the Job Interview

    In last week’s blog we examined how you can win at the face-to-face interview by effectively employing the “leading the witness” method/approach. This week we’ll take a look at how you can just as quickly and just as easily lose the interview if you unwittingly brand yourself as a “run-of-the mill,” “me-too” candidate.

    To position …

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