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    When To Use The ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Pitch

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    Job seekers often ask a question about when to use the tell-me-about-yourself pitch—like in an interview—and when to use the elevator pitch: like in a networking situation. The confusion arises because some people don’t understand the purpose or objective of each of the two pitches.

    How to properly answer when asked, “Tell me about yourself.”…

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    How You Answer This ‘Warm-up’ Question May Leave You ‘Out-in-the-Cold’

    At the beginning of virtually any job interview you will undoubtedly be asked what are commonly referred to as “warm-up” questions. For example, you might be asked, “Tell me why you think you might be the person for this job?” Or perhaps one like this: “Describe for me what you do in your current job.” …

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