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    How to Detect Fake Documents and Protect Your Business

    Scam artists use fake documents far more often than you think. How can you protect your identity and your business from theft and cybercrime?

    Scam artists use fake documents far more often than you might think.

    Since many businesses now operate online, it has become a lot easier for fraudsters to scam and continue their illegal activities online. Today, it’s now much easier to steal fake identities. Criminals can forge documents much faster. Scammers online need forged documents due …

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    Tips for Protecting Your Small Business

    Whereas big businesses tend to have a variety of well-staffed departments devoted to the legal, physical and digital protection of their business, small business owners often must take a more hands-on approach to protecting their operations. Small businesses face unique challenges and risks that their larger counterparts do not, making encompassing protection an extreme priority.…

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    How to Protect Your Business From Data Leakage

    Data leaks happen, and sometimes, no matter what you do, they are inevitable. That said, you should always do what you can to protect and secure your interests and, more importantly, your sensitive and personal information. When it comes to managing a business, you have the sensitive data of your customers, clients and employees to …

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