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    How to Add Resume to LinkedIn in 2022

    how to add a resume to linkedin

    Adding your resume to LinkedIn is a great way to get more out of the social media platform. Not only will potential employers be able to see your qualifications, but you can also use your resume as a marketing tool to attract new clients. In this blog post, we will show you how to add …

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    How to Build a 5-Year Career Development Plan

    career development plan

    As you progress through your career, you should periodically evaluate where you’re and decide where you want to be in the next five years. To ensure that you’re moving in the right direction and can measure your progress, creating a five-year development plan that encompasses all aspects of your career, from business skills to technical …

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    6 High-Paying Careers That are in High-Demand

    high-paying jobs nurses and doctors

    If you’re considering your first career or switching to a new industry, trying to find the right fit can feel overwhelming. But fortunately for job seekers, there are plenty of high-paying jobs out there with far too few people with the right skills to fill them. Here’s a look at six of the best and …

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    Develop Yourself Professionally With Five Steps

    develop yourself professionally

    When it comes to our professional lives, we always want to be improving. We want to be learning new things and grow in our careers. But sometimes, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why today we’re going to talk about five steps that you can take to develop yourself professionally. By …

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    What Are the Most Common Uses for Microsoft Teams?

    microsoft teams

    Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration platform in the Microsoft 365 application package. You can consult with Microsoft Teams specialists to find out how to best leverage common uses for Microsoft Teams for your business or group. Microsoft Teams’ key functions include business messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing. Teams can be used …

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    Ask the Right Questions about a Sales Job   

    sales job

    If you are applying for a sales job, you will need to ask a number of questions. These questions will assess your ability to think quickly and communicate with an audience. The right questions will help you find out if you are a good fit for the company. Hopefully, these questions will help you get …

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    Starting a Life Coaching Business? Here’s How to Use a Blog to Grow It Faster

    life coaching

    Starting a life coaching business can be a real game changer. Coaching is a $2.85 billion global industry and as more and more people realize the benefits life coaching brings, people who provide these services can become very successful if they play their cards right. But don’t think it doesn’t require any effort. 

    If you’re …

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    How to Create a Community Around Your Personal Brand

    create a community

    When we analyze all businesses these days – the ones created around a personality seem to be more successful. Mainly because people know there is a person behind that brand and can easily relate to it. However, in the longer run – one needs to create a community around that brand to ensure the success …

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    7 Important Features to Look for When Choosing a Phone System for Your Small Business 

    choosing a phone system for your small business

    You have several options when choosing a phone system for your small business. You could opt for a traditional phone system, though you will be able to access many more features if you choose a virtual phone system or a Voice over Internet Protocol phone system.

     The latter is often the most cost-effective option. Also, …

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    10 Tips to Avoid Your Small Business Being Overtaken by Chaos

    Entrepreneurs often shy away from chaos, thinking that chaos is bad. Chaos is part of growing up. A small business has to go through the motions. The small business could stay small and stable or become a big business. In either case, the road to stability may be chaotic. The degree and interpretation of chaos …

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