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    Top Reasons to Work With a Content Marketing Agency

    Top Reasons to Work With a Content Marketing Agency

    The digital age continues to advance. It is becoming more evident that superior content marketing is the foolproof way to attract and keep a large audience. Content not only helps a business boost sales but also allows it to convey important information to its audience. However, advancements and new techniques are emerging every now and …

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    Personal Brand Vs. Business Brand: 4 Key Differences

    Personal Brand Vs. Business Brand: 4 Key Differences

    Most people are unable to figure out the core differences between a personal brand vs. business brand. Yes, your personal brand and business brand might carry a lot of similarities, but they have to be approached differently. Remember, when you engage with the public, your brand can be a valuable tool to get your point …

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    10 Personal Branding Examples For Students

    personal branding

    It’s imperative for students to realize that merely their academic record, no matter how sensational, wouldn’t be enough to give them the ideal kick-start in their professional lives. Personal branding is equally vital. But do you make your personal brand? This is precisely personal branding examples for students are so important. How else will they …

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    Can You Improve Your Personal Brand?

    What exactly does a personal brand entail? How do you create one, and are there some ways you can improve your personal brand? We bet these questions have confused you, too, and understandably so. After all, there’s no fixed definition of a personal brand. It’s different for everyone.

    But if you want to get some, …

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    How to Come Up with A Brand Name

    brand name

    When you are trying to carve a niche and make sure that people remember you, one of the toughest challenges you will face is deciding on your brand name. How to come up with a brand name that will not only be memorable but also be a reflection of everything that you stand for?

    And …

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    5 Ways to Avoid Getting Passed Over for a Promotion


    When you get promoted at work, you can be able to take on more complex responsibilities, and your paycheck will reflect this, at least let’s hope so. However, it’s common for employees to get passed over for a promotion in favor of a more experienced coworker. To avoid your boss passing you over, you need …

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    5 Ways Podcasts Grow Your Brand

    podcast grow your brand

    It seems like everybody has a podcast these days. That’s because there are currently over 4.1 million of them, and 77% of Americans have listened to them. They are a booming business, and they only project to get bigger. There are podcasts for nearly any subject or interest you can think of, from sports to …

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    Targeted Resume Vs. General Resume: What’s The Purpose?

    targeted resume

    With a tough job market buoyed by competition, it’s never been more important to have a standout resume. But is a targeted resume the way to go? Or should you stick with a general approach? Maybe you didn’t even know there is a difference. So, we’ll start there. Let’s unpack what a general resume is …

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    9 Easy Ways for College Students to Start Networking

    college students networking

    Are you a student trying to get familiar with the ways to network in college? Want to get your foot in the networking door? It’s the right time!

    According to Yahoo News, about 85% of jobs today are filled with networking. What’s more, employment opportunities provided through networking have better quality and pay scale.

    Social …

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    How to Reach Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

    recruitment via linkedin

    Before learning about the different steps on how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, let’s learn about LinkedIn and the importance of networking.

    Job hunting is a pretty difficult experience for anyone who has been trying to land a job for a certain period. Moreover, previously, it was not easy to learn about potential …

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