Author: Stephanie Jones

"Failure's Crucial Role"

Kevin O’Leary highlights failure’s crucial role in business success

Kevin O’Leary, famed financier and Shark Tank personality, recently shared valuable business insights, stressing the role of failure in fostering success. According to O’Leary, failure sharpens one’s business sense, pushing them to learn and progress. Notable entrepreneurs, he points out, have often been moulded by significant hurdles and failures.

O’Leary also underscored the importance of …

Failure Breeds Success

Kevin O’Leary: Learning from failure breeds business success

Kevin O’Leary, famed entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” personality, has accrued decades of business experience leading to his revered status in the industry. Known for the creation and successful sale of The Learning Company, his insights are highly sought after in entrepreneurship and business circuits.

In recent dialogues, O’Leary has emphasized learning from business failure as …

"Budget Strategy Adaptation"

Adapting Budget Strategy Amid Rising Costs

The popular 50/30/20 budgeting rule, validated by Senator Elizabeth Warren, faces challenges due to increased inflation, living expenses, and housing costs. Families are struggling to save 20% of their income, leading to the proposal of the 60/30/10 budget strategy.

This new strategy advises consumers to allocate 60% of their income to essentials, 30% to discretionary …

"Bitcoin Investment Increase"

MicroStrategy Increases Bitcoin Investment to 1% of Global Supply

In a bold move, business intelligence firm MicroStrategy recently purchased an additional $600 million Bitcoin, bringing their total to 1% of the world’s supply. This marks a significant milestone and affirms the company’s strong belief in the future of digital currencies.

Headed by Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s latest acquisition was funded through $500 million worth of …