Author: Stephanie Jones

Marketing Your Freight Brokerage

Becoming Proficient in Marketing Your Freight Brokerage: 8 Tips for Success

In freight brokerage, goods move rapidly with fierce competition for placement. Marketing knowledge is vital for success in marketing your freight brokerage. Not only must you coordinate shipments efficiently but also promote them effectively to a wide audience.

This blog post presents eight useful marketing tips that can take your freight brokerage to greater heights …

Smoking Cessation Programs
Success Strategies

Why Smoking Cessation Programs Matter in the Workplace

The financial toll of employee tobacco use in the workplace cannot be overstated. According to a 2023 write-up by Pivot CEO David S. Utley, U.S. businesses suffer losses amounting to nearly $185 billion annually due to smoking-related illnesses among employees. When factoring in everything else, from absenteeism to higher healthcare costs, a tobacco-using employee is …

Smart Glasses

Emmanuel Ogbah’s Partnership with ChatGPT-Powered Innovative Eyewear

Innovative Eyewear Inc. has developed a range of smart glasses under renowned brands such as Lucyd, Eddie Bauer, Nautica, and Reebok. These glasses offer users a unique blend of style and technological advancements. Emmanuel Ogbah, known for his affinity towards sunglasses, was quick to embrace this opportunity. He expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting …