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    The 5 Essential Developer Career Skills You’ll Need

    Technological progress creates a high demand for developer career skills. Here are the five proficiencies you must have to enter the fray.

    Developer career skills — such as the ability to write software from scratch — are becoming a popular career choice. This is especially true among two groups; students just about to begin their careers and seasoned professionals seeking an upward career trajectory. The main reason for this increased popularity, of course, is the rising trend …

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    You Should Learn to Code

    Many readers of this blog are great businesspeople.  Entrepreneurs who started from scratch and built something profitable, and successful professionals that are integral cogs in their company’s machine.

    We’re masters of social media.  Blogging.  SEO (get me some links!), paid traffic, promoting ourselves online and off.

    But I’m willing to wager big that few of …

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