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    From Outer Flaws to Inner Fulfillment

    If you can retrain your brain and start celebrating your successes, you can stop obsessing over the small stuff and achieve inner fulfillment.

    Women in our society are not only aware of our perceived flaws — we’re obsessed with them. We spend countless hours and paychecks avoiding them or fixing them. We ruminate on our shortcomings day and night. They tend to consume us…and we let them. Achieving inner fulfillment can easily start to feel like a pipe …

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    4 Reasons to Reconsider These “Motivational” Phrases

    Two phrases spewed by motivational speakers and “life” coaches drive me crazy.

    When I hear them I want to strangle the messenger.

    They are attributed to a variety of people, so no one really knows the first person to say them. That’s probably a good thing, since those people would probably prefer not to be …

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    Your Personal Brand Needs a Mindset Shift

    Its common knowledge that you need a personal brand to succeed on the job and on the job market. Yet many people – even those with a personal brand – find themselves underemployed, unemployed or simply dissatisfied with their current position.

    Hence dissatisfaction, stagnation and boredom are viewed as normal and even acceptable.

    Well, it …

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