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    The Right Question to Ask

    The right question is: What value do you / your brand / your company offer the world?

    If you are not clear on the value that your brand offers the world, you significantly limit your brand and never fulfill your career’s potential.

    But what does it look like to be clear on the value you …

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    Get More From Your Brand. Highlight Only the Exceptional.

    Imagine a hotel brochure. You’d like to take a get-away weekend to relax and unwind.

    You see beautiful and serene, spa-like images. You read gushing reviews of their nationally-acclaimed, 5 star restaurant. The brochure itself is glossy and feels high quality.

    Now I want you to think about the room. What do you imagine?

    You …

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    Figure Out Exactly What Your Audience Wants

    Marketing, branding, selling all boil down to figuring out what your most perfect customer wants.

    Your brand is a distilled version of what your perfect customer deeply craves.

    But, how the heck do you go about figuring this out. After all, it is the rare exception that a company advertises exactly what they deeply crave.…

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    Should I Play It Safe or Stand Out?

    Job seekers have to make a decision, whether they recognize it or not.

    Do you play it safe or stand out and be one-of-a-kind?

    Advice tends to fall squarely into one category or the other – and both sides think that they are right. On one hand, you hear that you have to follow directions …

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    Three Tricks to Get Your Email Opened

    We all know that getting over the inbox hurdle can be a challenge. Whether you are trying to land an informational interview, a sales call or a job interview, getting your email opened is the first step to success.

    The challenge is that people routinely get dozens – even hundreds – of emails in their …

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    Jump Over the Biggest Job Search Hurdle

    The job market is rough these days. Well, perhaps that is an understatement. And, because of this, all of the traditional bottlenecks of a job search have gotten much harder.

    So, today, we are going to walk through two very simple strategies, nearly guaranteed to get you through the most intense job search bottleneck.

    What …

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    Stand Above the Crowd: 15 Minute Follow-Up

    You know how important follow-up is.

    It’s a chance to stand out, an opportunity to cement a relationship and your best bet for gaining confidence about your weaknesses.

    But, follow-up is also highly underutilized — in the job search and in the sales process. And, my clients have told me why, time and again…

    I …

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    Say, Show, Repeat: Personal Branding Secret Sauce

    The purpose of your personal brand is to communicate with your target audience — potential clients, employers and people who might be able to refer you to them.

    And, doubtless, you’ve taken time to think long and hard about who your audience is, how you can help them and why they should choose to work …

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    Answering The Question Behind The Question

    Have you ever been asked a question that is really asking something else.

    The answer is YES!

    We all have. In fact, we both ask and answer questions every single day that are really addressing something else.

    A wife might ask her husband if she looks nice… when really, what she wants to know is …

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    Make Your Personal Brand Pass The Resume Scan

    How to Win the Five-Second Resume Scan

    One of the reasons that resumes are so hard to write is that they have to speak to many different audiences — and to be compelling to each of them.

    On top of that, they have to sell you in 5 seconds or less.

    And, let’s be honest, …

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