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The Growth Game 3%: How Much Self Investment?

The financial services industry has given many rules of thumb for planning when it comes to budgeting and investment strategies. Save between 10 and 20 percent of your income for retirement depending on your age.  Have six months of living expenses stores away in a liquid account. Keep your monthly debt obligations under 36 percent …

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Are You Underutilized in Your Career?

I attended a luncheon last week with 150 highly motivated business people, 85-90% of which were women. The audience was skewed by gender because the sponsoring organization was focused on helping promote more women on corporate boards.  And things seem to be looking up. Their latest study revealed that although only 11.5% of public corporation …

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Employee Referrals – Your Ticket to Your Next Job

Did you know that employee referrals have become the most valued tool in hiring?

I just returned from speaking at the Career Thought Leaders Conference in Baltimore. The theme of the conference was “Framing the Future.” A common theme throughout many of the presentations was that employee referrals are golden.

I wrote extensively about the …

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6 Variables That Will Help You Negotiate Salary

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly a third of American workers believe they are underpaid and suffer heightened amounts of stress due to what they perceive to be an inadequate salary. As more jobs become available and the hiring economy slowly improves, this provides many U.S. workers with the ability to look elsewhere for …