Author: Eddy Ricci

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The Growth Game 3%: How Much Self Investment?

The financial services industry has given many rules of thumb for planning when it comes to budgeting and investment strategies. Save between 10 and 20 percent of your income for retirement depending on your age.  Have six months of living expenses stores away in a liquid account. Keep your monthly debt obligations under 36 percent …

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Quick Hits in Developing The New Crop of Grads

With a new wave of college graduates entering the workforce over the next few weeks, employers should revisit their systems and procedures to create the most productive environments for their newest assets.  Below are a few tips on how to engage and start growing your future from the first month of their career.

Perpetual Performance…
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Under-Thinking the Pre-Game Plan

How many times have you told somebody, or have been told, to stop “over-thinking” the idea, task or decision at hand? Over-thinking can lead to procrastination, confusion and the dangerous gray area of indecision. I am guilty of it, frequently.  But a term we don’t hear nearly as often is “under-thinking.” Has anyone ever told …

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Rookie Dining Mistakes for the New Professional in Business

The past few weeks I have geared my articles towards helping the new professional acclimate from the campus to the business world. It’s amazing how a $200,000 education often neglects the business basics that really make a difference. Unless you have your GPA tattooed on your forehead and a t-shirt with all your knowledge,  your …