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    Success at Work or Failure? Make the call

    Recently I was working on an initiative for my job that involved getting some feedback from an Executive Director at my company. I had emailed him, asking a couple of questions and requesting a meeting to discuss what I was working on.

    Over a week went by without a response. I found out that he …

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    You Gotta Hit the Curveballs

    As we reach the latter end of the dog days of summer, as a baseball fan, I think about the impending pennant races and excitement to come as the fall approaches.

    Recently, I was at a baseball game and watched as one of the players from my home team (the San Francisco Giants) battled against …

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    Think Globally: Get Outside of Your “Four Walls”

    With the Olympics in London underway, there is a wave of global consciousness that seems to run through many of us. Whether it is being inspired by the stories of the Olympians competing from all corners of the globe, or it’s being exposed to new cultures and ideas, a rare level of consciousness is in …

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    5 Steps to Master Managing People Older Than You

    managing people

    It was the first day of my first job right out of college. Despite all the group projects and being president of different clubs, there was nothing that could have prepared me for what sat in front of me. Literally sitting in front of me were 15 customer service reps, all older than me, half …

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    The Key To Strong Personal Brand: Having No “Buts”

    Strong Personal Brand

    About a year ago I received a promotion at work. The new position was an absolutely amazing opportunity and one that could teach me a lot and help me build many connections throughout my industry. It was also a position that I did not have all the ideal “qualifications” for. In other words, my boss …

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