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    The Loneliest Generations: Millennials and Gen Z

    According to a recently released survey by the healthcare company Cigna, Gen Z is the loneliest generation followed by the millennials. Gen Z has an overall loneliness score of 48.3 and millennials have a score of 45.3. This survey has been conducted with more than 20,000 Americans who are 18 years and older.

    The survey …

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    5 Habits Millennial Workers Should Start Right Now

    Millennial Worker

    Millennials get a bad rep in the workplace. Studies have found that employers — especially those from a past generation — often describe us as entitled, lazy, unfocused; all the attributes that throw up red flags during hiring processes. This may seem unfair — and probably is unfair in a lot of circumstances — but …

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    How to Get Ready for Generation Z

    Team Building Together

    In a few years, a new generation, Gen Z, will take over the work force. Unlike any other generation, this generation was born with technology so they are true digital natives. They can do many things in seconds using their phones such as editing a document, buying a plane ticket, taking photos and videos and …

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    How to Adapt Life After College

    New Graduates

    As many students start to graduate from college, they enter a totally new phase in their lives. Not only they will have to adapt working full-time, they will also have to adapt to their new environments outside of work. Below are some advices for the new graduates that will make this transition smoother and are …

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    Managing a Multi-Generational Workplace

    Millennials keep joining to the workforce and their numbers grow each day in the companies. Meanwhile, due to harsh economic conditions, Baby Boomers and Gen X postpone retirement and actively keep working. This leaves managers with a challenge of managing teams which consist of three generations.  Each generation has their strengths and weaknesses. The importance …

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    Ways to Motivate Millennials in the Workplace

    Millennials are the generation born between 1980 and 2000. Currently, they make up almost 33% of the US workforce so one in three employees is a millennial. While millennials are highly educated and technology capable, they are unfortunately the most frequent job hoppers. Studies show that this generation generally stays in one job around 2 …

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    What Millennials Seek, Desire in an Employer

    I just read an interesting article online entitled, Stop Treating Millennial Employees Like Enigmas, written by Sara Roberts and Michael Papay and featured on Fastcompany.com.[1] As the title suggests, the article focuses on how businesses can best utilize the skills and talents of Millennials, generally defined as that 80-million-strong cohort born between 1977 and 2000, …

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    3 Powerful Habits To Supercharge Your Career

    Great, you found a career that you love. Now what?

    If you’re like most ambitious people, you realize that even after you work for years to accomplish something, the road to mastery is still long and winding. Especially when it comes to mastery in your career.

    So how do you continue to overcome the inevitable …

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    3 Ways New Grads Can Increase Job Search Luck

    It’s not news that Generation Y is raked over the coals from time to time. They have been labeled as self-centered, lazy and attention-deficit-disordered. In some cases, they have been bashed for having parents who dote on them so much that they have an inflated sense of self and entitlement.

    The truth is, most of …

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    Your Brand Is Being Built For You

    I think it’s time for a reality check: If you’re on the internet today, you are building your brand. Whether you like it or not, you are building your brand. It is time to think about and take control of your most valuable asset, you.

    Do you use Facebook? You are building your brand. What …

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