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    A Good Work Ethic is Needed Now

    Everything I write in any of my books or blogs is for naught if you don’t get the job that you are paid to do successfully completed—and more. It doesn’t impress bosses at all if you just do what is required.

    Stellar work is your personal wealth: your worldly goods, trust fund, gold stash, life …

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    Tenacity Wins Every Time

    If you are willing to consistently persevere, no person, outside force, current circumstance, or future obstacle can keep you from your destiny. If that means following up with some opportunity 4 times or 14, you need to do it. Now, you also need not be tedious, irritating, or bothersome, but you can be creative. Experts …

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    Put Passion Into Your Work

    It’s up to you to start and kindle the fire in you. No one can do it for you. A spouse might push you, a boss who sees potential might press you, a life-changing situation (divorce, death of someone close, job termination, birth of a child, or something else) might prompt a flicker. As is …

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    Love Your Job

    Maybe you are fortunate enough to be making a living in the arena of your choosing. Pro golfers come to mind, as do most any other professional athletes. These people have gotten so good at their obsession that they get to earn money for doing it.

    Despite our weekend warrior talent, few of us will …

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    Persistence Pays

    The truth is that persistence and drive override skill. When people say “no,” it’s a “no” for now. It doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t come back with a new approach. One CEO told me, “I always give ‘no’ as the first answer, and only if they don’t give up but have the confidence to …

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    Success Breeds Jealousy

    Surprisingly one of the toughest parts of success is finding a colleague happy for you. But as they say, “Anyone can get pity. Jealousy you have to earn.”

    Following the advice in my blog posts might cause you some trouble. When you persistently do off-the charts good work, the unintended consequence is that you make …

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    What Your Boss Wants

    CEOs tell me that they want people:

    Who are full of ambition and goals.

    Who sing—well, silently hum—at work.

    Who stretch themselves every day and who always have new challenges they’re hankering to take on.

    Who get an emotional kick out of any accomplishment.

    Who are juiced (in the nonsteroid way) every morning to get …

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    Kill the Fear of Following Your Passion

    You have to passionately want to differentiate yourself from others. You must be inflamed about this idea. Not just because I want it for you but because you can’t imagine doing anything but going for it.

    The shocking, surprising, and sad fact is that few people do have fire in their belly from passion and …

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    Questions Make You a Great Communicator

    Ask more questions: If It Was Good Enough for Plato, It’s Good Enough for You

    An inquiring mind leads to better communication and avoidance of mutual mystification. Without your incessant clamoring for more information from others, you are fumbling around in the dark. That adds to why most communication is messy, emotional, irrational, unclear, and …

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    What is Good Communication?

    Most everyone claims to be a good communicator. But what does that really look like?

    A good communicator:

    -Stays engaged.

    -Can carry a conversation.

    -Knows what’s going on in the world.

    -Puts thoughts forward clearly without ambiguity.

    -Is able to articulate pretty specifically what he is doing or learning.

    -Has the ability to influence without …

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