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    4 Unusual Ways to Land a Job


    Despite the popularity of social media, many job seekers don’t realize how powerful it can be during the job search process.

    Although in-person networking is very effective, social media can open the doors to connections you can’t make on a daily basis. Especially if you’re looking for a job in a different city or state, …

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    5 Tips for Networking with Influencers

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    Connecting with influential professionals in your industry can be extremely beneficial for your career. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about their expertise, but also you will have the chance to get yourself noticed by an influential professional in your field.

    Influencers can help you grow as a professional and do wonders …

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    5 Ways You Can Benefit from a Personal Branding Coach

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    Whenever you’re searching for jobs or networking with professionals, your personal brand plays a huge role in your career.

    The reality is, it’s no longer an option to create a personal brand. If you want to land a job, launch a business, or connect with influential people in your industry, you need to have a …

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    What to Do When You’re Afraid of Networking

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    Does the thought of entering a crowded room filled with strangers make your palms sweat?

    Networking is a fear many people share. Some would even say it’s one of the scariest steps of finding a job. Whether it’s getting freaked out by small talk or the fear of forgetting someone’s name, networking can be a …

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    6 Ways to Expand Your Personal Brand Beyond LinkedIn

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    “If you want to land a job, you need to be on LinkedIn. Period!”

    How many of you have heard this advice over and over again? I’m sure by now, everything you’ve heard about building your brand on LinkedIn seems like old news.

    Although LinkedIn is an amazing tool for your job search, it’s also …

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    6 Things You Forget About When Building A Personal Brand

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    Most professionals know by now that a strong personal brand is the foundation for a successful career.

    Whether you use your personal brand to find jobs, promote your freelance business, or build your professional network, it’s important to create a brand that illustrates your professional experience and personality. Your personal brand can also help you …

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    5 Questions to Ask When Defining Your Personal Brand

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    Whether you’re an accountant, entrepreneur, or writer, any type of professional can benefit from building a personal brand.

    When creating your personal brand, the most important (but most difficult) step is to define yourself as a professional. Your personal brand isn’t just something you use to market yourself to employers or other professionals; it’s who …

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    10 Words to Never Use for Your Personal Brand

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    Everyone has a unique personal brand.

    When it comes to defining your personal brand, it’s important to be very careful in what you say when describing yourself. Words are incredibly powerful and can be interpreted in a number of different ways when misused.

    To protect your reputation and your brand, it’s absolutely necessary you avoid …

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    How to Research Your Personal Brand

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    You’ve recently heard that, if you want to impress employers, you need a strong personal brand. Although you have an idea of what personal branding is, you have no idea how to identify your brand or how to build one.

    When it comes to building a strong personal brand, your first step is to figure …

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    How to Overcome Office Politics

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    You’re sitting in the breakroom enjoying your lunch when you overhear your coworker talking about your boss getting fired because he lied to his supervisor. As you listen closely to the conversation, you find the story hard to believe. After lunch, you decide to confront your boss about the situation, and it turns out, it …

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