4 Last-Minute Gifts to Give Your Boss and Coworkers

Workplace Success

As final reports are submitted and employees tie up loose ends before the holidays, many are scrambling around to find the perfect gift to give their colleagues at the annual company holiday party.

While it might seem like finding a holiday gift is the last of your priorities this time of year, it can actually be stressful trying to find the right gift. Let’s face it, shopping for a best friend at work or figuring out what to give your boss can be tricky, especially if you’re afraid of giving the wrong gift.

To ease your worries of finding holiday gifts for your work colleagues, here are four last-minute gifts ideas:

1. Gift card to a favorite restaurant.

You can never go wrong with giving a gift card to your coworker’s or boss’ favorite restaurant. Especially if it’s a place they go regularly for lunch or talk about in the break room, a $25 to $30 gift card can definitely make them happy.

2. Unique office accessories.

Want to give a memorable gift this year, search for something that will make your coworkers or boss smile. For example, give your coworker a Cubical unBasket Gift Basket or your boss an Executive Decision Maker. These are fun office accessories that are bound to brighten up any office space.

3. Monthly subscription.

There are dozens of monthly subscriptions for nearly any type of person. For example, consider giving a subscription to Craft Coffee or Graze. These are subscriptions that are perfect for the office and can be a great pick-me-up your coworkers will enjoy.

4. Personalized yet professional gifts.

If you’ve developed a relationship with your coworkers or boss, try to think of a more meaningful gift you can give them. For example, does your boss talk about their passion for a specific sports team? Maybe you can give them a sweatshirt or game tickets to their favorite team. This is a simple way to show your boss that you value your relationship with him or her in the workplace.

Giving gifts to your coworkers or managers doesn’t have to be stressful. Hopefully these last-minute gift ideas have provided some inspiration for your holiday shopping.