Do you possess strong communication skills? Do perform well in a team setting? If so, it’s very likely you’ll be a highly sought-after candidate in 2015.

According to a November 2014 report by NACE, leadership, the ability to work in a team, and strong communication skills are just a few of the top skills employers are looking for in candidates in 2015.

As you prepare for your job search, it’s important to be aware of these top skills that will get you hired in the new year:

1. Leadership.

Candidates are more likely to be hired if they can show employers their ability to lead in the workplace. Leadership is an important quality to have because employers want employees who can lead teams, wear multiple hats, and have the ability to coach their coworkers.

Demonstrate your leadership skills to employers by talking about previous leadership positions or situations where you had to lead a team in the workplace. This will show employers you are capable of being a leader for their company.

2. Ability to work in a team.

The ability to work in a team means being able to collaborate and work effectively with others. As a team player, you should have the ability to inspire team members and work together to accomplish a goal. This skill is highly valued by employers because they seek candidates who can bring their strengths to a team setting.

When explaining your teamwork skills to employers, provide examples of times where you had to work in a team or collaborate with a coworker to accomplish a task. This will give employers an idea of how you’ll perform in a team setting.

3. Problem solving.

Being a problem solver isn’t a skill many job seekers immediately think of when trying to impress employers. However, it’s a critical skill you must have in order to get hired in 2015. Illustrate your problem solving skills to employers by telling them about a time when you had to solve a problem and the result you achieved.

4. Written and verbal communication.

In today’s workforce, written and verbal communication skills are essential to workplace success. Whether you’re an entry-level candidate or you’re applying for a leadership position, you need to possess excellent communication skills.

The hiring process is an excellent opportunity to illustrate your communication skills to employers. At the beginning of the application process, show employers you’re a strong communicator by writing a flawless resume and cover letter, and promptly communicating with the hiring manager. When offered an interview, you’ll have another opportunity to display your verbal communication skills.

5. Initiative.

Employers want to hire candidates who are will to go above and beyond in the workplace. This is why having initiative is a trait that makes exceptional candidates stand out during the application process.

Show your initiative to employers by providing accomplishment stories about times where you took action to complete a project or meet a deadline. For example, let’s say a previous manager asked you to put a last-minute report together for a crucial presentation. You can talk about what you did to ensure you met your manager’s immediate deadline.

As you continue to search and apply for jobs in 2015, be sure to keep this desired skills in mind. By adopting some of these skills as a professional, you’ll get noticed by more employers and land a job in the new year.