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    What’s Your Body Language Saying?

    Body Language from Shutterstock

    Since we all want to portray ourselves as cool, intelligent, strong, charismatic, principled, caring, and interested in others,  learning  tactics  to make a great first impression is critical. First impressions are so important because they make an indelible mark on how we’re perceived by others. Surprisingly, our  posture, smile, eyes, personal hygiene and the way we …

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    How Social Media can make Your Brand more Personal

    Social Media photo from Shutterstock

    Networking with social media can open the door of opportunity for brands with new connections outside of the online world. These relationships can become long-lasting as communication is maintained. The power of social media to get these conversations started is more important than ever for the growth of your brand.

    Today it is much easier …

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    Networking Your Personal Brand

    Networking Brand photo from Shutterstock

    If you want to grow your contacts and business, then networking is the best way to do so. Keep in mind that networking isn’t a quick fix for sales, though; it’s an investment in getting to know other people. As marketing coach and author John Jantsch put it, “It’s never about the sale, it’s always …

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    Would YOU Open Your Job-Prospecting Emails? Not Likely!

    Open Email photo from Shutterstock

    If you’ve been on a job search recently you already know that today it is rare indeed that a hiring manager, Human Resources professional or a “headhunter” ever answers his or her telephone. More likely, you encounter voice mail, leave a message (or messages!), then wait and wait and wait for a call-back, which may …

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    How an Informational Interview Can Lead to a Job

    Interview photo from Shutterstock

    The real danger hovering over the heads of some people in transition is the fact that they’re headed toward a cul-de-sac and don’t even know it. More and more articles point out that the business world is changing rapidly; new jobs are being created; and some old jobs are fading away. Regrettably, the jobs being …

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    Quickly Publish on Kindle to Improve Personal Brand

    Ebooks photo from Shutterstock

    The popularity of e-readers and devices like Nook and Kindle have made it easier than ever to publish a book. What once took months, even years to accomplish, now can be done in just a matter of weeks, or even days.

    In addition to the (undeniable) thrill of seeing your name on the title page, …

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    One Simple Tip To Immediately Increase Social Media Engagement

    Social Media Comments photo from Shutterstock

    Between April 1 and July 31 of this year, social media optimization platform SocialFlow conducted a study collecting data from 1.6 million organic posts from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. They found that an amazing ninety-nine percent of non-paid posts generated little to no engagement at all.

    If you’re using social media to build your personal …

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    Boost Engagement for Your Personal Brand with Facebook Campaigns

    Facebook photo from Shutterstock

    A presence on Facebook is an essential element to building your personal brand. Creating giveaways and other special offers is also good for building a fan base, but these can be easily forgotten with a lack of engagement.

    So how exactly can your brand create a winning campaign? The process is simple once you put …

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    Get Seen and Be Read with This One Thing

    Email photo from Shutterstock

    For email marketing, which is more important – the subject line or the from line?

    Statistically, it’s the from line. And, I agree.

    We will scroll past, close and even delete other emails (or even status updates) that get in the way of the people we’re interested in hearing from or about.

    The “who” makes …

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    3 Easy Branding Tips for a Stronger Community

    Strong Team photo from Shutterstock

    Marketing is a must for brands and businesses who want to be noticed in the online world and generate more sales and leads. But equally important is building relationships, otherwise known as ‘community.’

    There are key differences between each, but both marketing and community come together to serve a greater purpose that is about building …

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