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    The Job Offer Negotiation


    It takes three steps to get a great job. First, you need a good enough résumé and LinkedIn profile to be fished out from an ocean of candidates. Otherwise, you are invisible and irrelevant! Second, you need to beat your competition in the contest called interviewing. After all, there’s only one job, and applicants not …

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    Is Freelancing the Right Career for You?


    Freelancing and being your own boss might be the dream come true for many. However, being a freelancer requires some personal traits and sacrifices and unfortunately, it is not for everyone. Some people notice, after they start freelancing, that they are not as productive as their 9 to 5 jobs. Therefore, you should think twice …

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    Recognizing the Power of Regramming in Relationship Building


    Unlike Twitter where snappy witticisms and continual tweets are the key to staying on top, Instagram is a bit different. Sure, there are words that can be used to enhance the photos you post, but the medium itself revolves solely around how enticing your images are. They don’t have to be unique per se, but …

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    Your Good Attitude is Everything


    If you “sing” at work, it shows in person and online. When you look, think, and act with deep cheerfulness, you:

    • Lighten yours and others’ burdens • Increase your physical, mental, and emotional energy • Have a better chance of fighting off a cold • Make experiences delightful • Have more fun than pessimists …

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    6 Ways You’re Making Yourself Look Less Professional


    One of the key steps in your personal branding journey is working out exactly what you want to project. In fact, it’s the first thing you need to do.

    You may want to brand yourself as an innovator, a fountain of knowledge or a creative soul, but whatever it is, the chances are that you’re …

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    Optimize Your Brand’s Website for More Visibility


    A good reputation online starts with a professional presence online for your personal brand. The design and content of your website is the first impression your visitors encounter, which will cause them to either leave or want to know more.

    A well optimized website can bring added visibility for your brand and help you to …

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    8 LinkedIn Updates to Make Yourself More Hirable


    When you’re on the job market, you can call on your LinkedIn connections — school affiliations, friends, friends of friends, former employers or coworkers — for assistance. Useful information is at your fingertips. Pity the poor job seekers of yesteryear who had to spend far more time for far less payoff.

    But when you’re looking …

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    Things to Keep in Mind While Doing an Internship


    Doing an internship is a great opportunity to see what it is like to work in that position and company. It helps you to understand whether you are a good fit for the position and whether you want to do this as a career. However, there are things to keep in mind while doing an …

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    Why Is It Important to Ask Questions


     Asking questions is a basic leadership requirement. Whether you are leading, managing, job interviewing, negotiation, selling, influencing or just engaging your question asking is more important then you question answering.

    Find out what the other people care about, value, like, and dislike Distinguish yourself from the know-it-alls Flatter others, and maintain their self-esteem  Show interest…
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    Social Sales Strategies for Personal Brands

    businessman with white chart

    As social media continues to evolve it is important to connect your personal brand to its followers in a way that builds trust. In order to convert leads into sales you need to build an authentic community.

    How can your brand convert fans and followers into sales with social media? Through targeted strategies, original content, …

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