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    3 Ways to Promote Yourself without being Annoying


    Entrepreneurs are their own best marketing experts. They know their businesses, products and services inside and out, and operate as brand evangelists when they are on and off the job. The passion entrepreneurs have for what they bring to the market is often energetic and endless. This can be both positive and negative when it …

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    What Do You Give A Mentor at Thanksgiving?


    Mentors are an uncelebrated group of devoted individuals, who often give their time in return for nothing more than your carrying on their legacy of giving back. If you have a mentor, you know the advice, conversations, guidance, interest and encouragement may be the single greatest determinant of your success. A mentor can help you …

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    Things Successful People Do on Lunch Breaks


    Lunch time is not only about eating lunch anymore. It is an hour of opportunity. Lunch hour can be one of the most useful hours of the day, if you know how to use it right. Whether you are catching up with a client or using it as a time to run personal errands, lunch …

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    Even if you’re a hard worker, you could be sabotaging your own career growth by the way you talk or present yourself.

    Employees should try to avoid four common types of self-defeating behavior: -Talking too fast, which makes what you say seem unimportant. -Talking too much — giving more detail than anyone needs or wants. …

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    7 Ways to be More Productive with your Time


    We have all read books that tell us how important our time is, but most don’t simplify it in one page with vital tips. Well, I have.  I teach, praise and live by these techniques.

    These tips may not work for everyone, but they are a key to how I got to where I am …

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    Bring Your Parents to Work Day is No Joke


    When my son asked if I would come in for ‘Bring In Your Parents Day’ at LinkedIn, I jumped at the chance. I thought it would give me a chance to learn more about what he does every day at work and it did. I got the feel for the supportive, relaxed culture that is …

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    How Live Streaming on Twitter Can Create More Buzz for Your Brand


    Today it’s all about great visual content and videos online, and live streaming is just one way an audience can better get to know a brand. In order to attract new followers for your business it is important to branch out and try new mediums.

    How can your personal brand create more visibility online? Through …

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    Growing your Network is your Job


    Everyone talks about networking.

    But who is doing it right?

    Is there a right way to network?

    Networking just to Network does NOT make Sense

    This is the title of an article I wrote for Entrepreneur Magazine. The point of the post was that when you network you should have a reason and a purpose. …

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    Exploring the Brand with Denise Lee Yohn


    Published November 2, Denise Lee Yohn’s latest work has already begun accumulating a growing following of supporters. Extraordinary Experiences is an ebook that delves into explaining and understanding how certain brick-and-mortar companies continually maintain growth throughout an age where the internet has been making such establishments virtually obsolete. In it, she delves into the minds …

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    20 Inspirational Career Quotes to Help You Keep Going


    Everyone can have downtimes especially at work. If you feel like you have been staring at the excel spreadsheet in your computer screen for the past hour and don’t want to do anything, you may need some inspiration to be able to refunction. Look at the below motivational quotes and write the ones you like …

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