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    How to Craft Job Search Emails That Get Read


    AS A PROFESSIONAL HEADHUNTER I GET LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF EMAILS EACH AND EVERY BUSINESS DAY FROM POTENTIAL CANDIDATES FOR POSITIONS I AM ATTEMPTING TO FILL for our recruiting firm’s hiring company clients. Here is a sad, depressing, discouraging fact about the overwhelming majority of these emails: Most are very poorly written and constructed, confused and …

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    Is the Employer Always Right?


    In this new, chaotic, and uncertain century, with its more and more minutely specialized occupations and skill sets and with nothing to do with the faltering economy, it’s not only human resources employees who might not be familiar with certain job skills and the actual needs of the open positions in their organizations. Believe it …

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    The 3 Job Interview Questions You Never Expect


    Would you be shocked into dumbfounded silence, if a hiring manager asked you these three questions in a job interview?

    What have you invented? What is your greatest achievement in life? When have you stood up to authority?

    What? These are BIG questions, taken from a real interview. They get at the meaning of your …

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    10 Hardest Interview Questions


    Competition for finding a job is getting fiercer every day. There are many talented candidates applying for the same positions.  Therefore, companies are highly selective and ask the hardest questions they possibly can to put the candidates under more pressure. Thus, they evaluate if the candidates can succeed under any circumstance.

    It would be to …

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    The Price of A Good Reputation


     You have to be willing to pay a ransom for your good name because there are people out there skilled at giving good guys a bad name.

    If you have any notoriety in your community, industry, or company, what you do is carefully watched by people who like you and those who don’t like you. …

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    How Great Leaders Get Employees to Act Like Owners?


    The most daring leaders realize that inspiring employees to assume ownership and responsibility is essentially telling them, “I trust you and your contributions are essential to our firm’s success.” When employees show up to work, do the minimum, assume no responsibility and then collect their paycheck it’s a waste for the individual and for the …

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    10 Questions to Answer Before Asking to Telecommute


    There’s no doubt that telecommuting is growing. Nevertheless, many managers are reluctant to allow employees to work at home, usually because of a lack of knowledge of how telecommuting can benefit everyone. Before asking your boss if you can work from home, prepare a written proposal that outlines your value to the company, your proposed …

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    4 Ways Amazon Visibility will Build Your Personal Brand


    Amazon is the premier place for eBook publishers and brands. Publishing an ebook on your area of expertise is a great brand positioning tool.

    Digital publishing is just the start to building a fanbase for your personal brand. It takes the right marketing strategy and research to make this successful in a very competitive environment.  …

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    How Making Toast can make you a Problem Solver


    Take 3 minutes and draw how you make toast.

    Grab a pen and paper and start drawing. Don’t use words. Just your artistic skills.

    Draw the steps you would use to make toast. Have some fun with it. For this initial 3 minute exercise do this solo. For the next time you do this consider …

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    Small Business Owners: How to Get Your Life Back


    The first post of this series, Big Challenges for Small Business Owners, examined the three biggest challenges owners face: people, finances, and time. In the The Small Business People Puzzle: Part 1 and Part 2, we looked deeper into the challenge of finding, selecting, attracting, orienting, training, motivating, and retaining the right people to ensure …

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