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    Learn to Avoid Long Term Unemployment


    If you’re out of work for a long time, it’s not necessarily your fault, says Ben Casselman of FiveThirtyEight, a polling aggregator. Casselman says his firm’s work shows that by far, the single biggest predictor of whether people will be out of work for a year or more is the state of the economy at …

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    4 Contract Creation Tips to Avoid Disputes


    Entrepreneurs are no strangers to contracts. Whether it’s an employee agreement, a lease for office space or a purchasing agreement, contracts are frequently used to outline the expectations of business partnerships or relationships.

    Ideally, the contract is in place so both parties understand what’s expected of them. Contracts ensure that everyone entering into the agreement …

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    Tips for a Stress Free Business Trip


    Business trips aren’t always easy, especially if you are travelling a lot. Your employer generally expects a lot from you within a short amount of time. Also, change of weather, less sleep and eating outside can disrupt your routine and as a result, decrease your health. Below you can find some tips for a stress …

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    Work to Positively Stand Out with Your Personal Brand


    Though most people like to believe they are singular, unique, and one-of-a kind in their assignments, few are. Across the world we are more similar than dissimilar. Yet, as fate would have it, your boss is looking for someone singular, who outshines the rest.

    You see, right now, private conversations are taking place in secret …

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    How To Add Spice To Your Brand’s Website Sales Page


    In order to build a good reputation online and attract the right leads your personal brand can benefit from a sales page. The right message and graphics will help you generate more sales.

    A well crafted page can also increase your visibility through social sharing and word of mouth marketing. This means content should be …

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    Job Hunting Through The Holidays


    Can I tell you a little secret?

    Smart people keep job hunting through the holidays.

    Smart people realize a few things about job hunting through the holidays:

    There is less competition Hiring managers are still looking HR professionals get to pick from a very smart and select group

    Family Will Understand

    Your friends and family …

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    10 Best Free Tools for Entrepreneurs


    If you are going to start a business, you should make best use of your limited budget and try to bootstrap as much as possible. Therefore, take a look at the below free tools which will make your life easier and help you take-off your business right away.

    Launchrock: Launchrock helps you to build a…
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    Look for Patterns in the Choices You’ve Made


    Consider the dozens of life and career choices you’ve made over the years. Try to remember how and why you make those choices. What were you expecting at the time? How did the reality match up with your expectations? Did the choice of school, career, job, or spouse worked out better than you dreamed – …

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    Create A Reason To Buy Your Personal Brand’s Product


    A unique selling proposition or USP is a key ingredient to attracting an interested audience for your brand’s products or services. Once you capture their attention in a compelling way it is much easier to convert your leads into sales. Reaching the right audience with a message specific to your business is the key to …

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    Ways to Use Holiday Season to Your Advantage


    You can always develop your career if you really want and believe it or not holidays are perfect for it. During holiday season, it is easier to get in touch with people because you have a perfectly valid reason for it.  Therefore, it is up to you to use this excuse and advance your career. …

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