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    So Tell Me, What Are Your Weaknesses?

    Weakness photo from Shutterstock

    This is one of the most dreaded interview questions, but if you understand the reason interviewers ask it and what they’re looking to uncover, you’ll see that you can certainly prepare for it.

    The question about your weaknesses comes fairly soon after the interview begins and typically after such a question as, What are your …

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    Drudge Work Necessary to Prevail

    Boring Work photo from Shuttestock

    There is always “something” in everyone’s have-to-do list that resembles dreaded drudge work. We drag our feet knowing it needs to be done, but it just isn’t the type of work we prefer to do and so we push it off for yet another time.

    The better route is to master taking care of whatever …

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    5 Tips for Networking with Influencers

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    Connecting with influential professionals in your industry can be extremely beneficial for your career. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about their expertise, but also you will have the chance to get yourself noticed by an influential professional in your field.

    Influencers can help you grow as a professional and do wonders …

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    Mistakes to Avoid When Networking

    Meet People photo from Shutterstock

    Everybody agrees that networking plays a crucial part in our careers whether it is for finding a new job or a new client or just passing and sharing knowledge. However, not everybody is doing it right. If you want to network successfully and get noticed by the person you want to connect with, you should …

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    Caution: Giving Thanks Can Be Self-Defeating

    Thanksgiving photo from Shutterstock

    In the US, the upcoming national holiday is called Thanksgiving, which infers you should be thanking someone for something you valued. Thanks for what?

    None of us are the original Pilgrims and very few of us are having dinner with Native Americans, who deserve a whole lot more than thanks. You may be sitting down …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – #1 Must Do to Accelerate Networking

    Shake Hands photo from Shutterstock

    A popular saying is that “Social Media is word of mouth marketing on steroids.”  Another is that Social Media amplifies your word of mouth.

    Both of these statements are true.

    The mistake that’s made is in the foundation or in the assumption that word of mouth in that connections or association already exists. It must …

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    The Challenges and Strategies of Changing Industries

    Career Change photo from Shutterstock

    Changing Industries

    Do you want to change industries but find that you’re running into a lot of roadblocks? If so, you are not alone.

    A couple of years ago, I had a client who was a PMP certified project manager. He had a lot of project management experience managing IT projects, but he wanted to …

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    The Mentality of a Successful Career

    Success Thinking photo from Shutterstock

    Success is all in your head. If you want to control your ability to have a lucrative, fulfilling career, it’s imperative to control the way you think.

    Those who can’t control their emotions and inner monologue never reach their full potential.

    The long-term solution to sub-par success, lack, and limitation lies in our ability to …

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    Is SEO Still Worth the Effort?

    SEO photo from Shutterstock

    Since its inception, search engine optimization (SEO) has been the bane of many web masters’ existence. Just when you thought you had it mastered, the algorithm changed and you were back to square one. The newest Google update is no different and has had many throwing up their arms surrendering attempts to make the search …

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    How Personal Brands Can Succeed in SEM

    SEM photo from Shutterstock

    Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

    Having your website rank in search has changed dramatically over just the last five years, and many brands may have seen a decline in their ranking. Since social media came onto the scene, the way people look for information on the Internet has become much more conversational. Google in particular …

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