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    How to Give a Great Presentation

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    Giving a presentation is very similar to public speaking. Many people freak out because they have to get up in front of a crowd and talk about a topic which everybody assumes they are the expert on. However, you don’t need to lose your nerves! By following the below simple rules, you can give a …

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    Why You Need a Lifeguard to Get a Promotion


    No matter where you live and where you want to work, there’s probably an ocean between you and what you want. No, I don’t mean the vast body of water that covers 71% of the planet. It’s not that you live in the UK and want to work in the US. Not that kind of …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Have Strings Attached Always

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    I’ll best illustrate this with the use of a listening-to-the-radio analogy. If you listen to the radio, you have a couple of (or more) stations you like to listen to, maybe for the music they play or the programs they feature. However, should you hear something you don’t like (songs you don’t appreciate, too many …

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    How Long Will My Job Search Take?

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    I am often asked, “How long will my job search take?”

    My answer is almost always, “It depends.”

    I work, primarily, with experienced professionals—which is code for those over 50 years of age.

    I tell them that a really short job search is three months. It takes almost three months for a company to decide …

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    Kick-start Your Week With A Happiness Regimen

    Happiness Plan photo from Shutterstock

    Good habits are known to increase overall well-being and happiness; whether it’s engaging in exercise, meditation, or eating well, there are still days you may not feel jovial or serene. Everyone could benefit from jump starting their day with a healthy dose of happiness. As silly as it sounds, focusing on the simple fact that …

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    6 Ways to Get Your First Client

    Close Deal photo from Shutterstock

    Encouraging referrals is the best way to grow your business. However, as a new entrepreneur, to obtain referrals you have to have clients. Getting that first client can be one of the biggest challenges in getting your business off the ground. Fortunately, there are things you can do to entice new clients into hiring you.…

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    Growing Your Personal Brand Facebook Fan Page

    A few years back, Facebook opened the door of opportunity for attracting new prospects and fans with their Pages (different than a Facebook Profile). Then came the implementation of Facebook Graph search along with its updated algorithm and Page configurations which has caused these online relationships to dwindle. But having a strong brand presence on …

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    Is Someone Getting the Best of You?

    Every day we wake up we have a choice. We can choose to plod through the day or not. We can choose to go thru the motions or not. We can choose to do our best work or not. I tend to fall into the last point here. Sure, there are days when you are tired and things …

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    Word of Mouth Starts by Owning Your Contacts

    Contact List photo from Shutterstock

    Your connections begin in your own database. When I’m asked about how to “own your game”, or dominate your niche, the first place I begin asking about is what do you know about your database?

    Word of Mouth marketing starts by owning your contacts

    Even those born within this last minute, already have a handful of …

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    MS CEO: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

    Microsoft photo from Shutterstock

    How many times in your life have you made some careless, ill-considered remark that had the effect of hurting, insulting or angering those around you? If you’re like me, this has probably occurred more than a few times! And, oh, how we usually wish we could immediately take back those words, or perhaps just curl …

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