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    Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More


    I know of a company that boasts of a 95 percent customer retention rate. That means 95 percent of its customers are repeat customers. One of the best ways to build a stable income is through returning customers and clients. Not only do you keep their business, but if they’re returning, they like you which …

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    Build Your Personal Brand For Increased Opportunities


    When it comes to promoting a personal brand it can be a challenge to reach the right media outlets. But there are strategies to employ that will actually attract the press to your company. With good research in your target market and a solid press kit your brand can get noticed.

    Coverage from newspapers, bloggers …

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    Big Challenges for Small Business Owners


    Small business owners wear many hats and make many decisions each day. Most of these decisions are small and they have minor impacts. Some, however, are common to most small businesses and can have major impacts. That’s what this post is all about.

    The first big challenge facing most small business owners is finances. As the …

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    Employers Hire the Best: Is That You?


    No employer is seeking to hire Mr. Average. All employers seek the exceptional and the very best. But how do you convince them that you are the ideal candidate? And how do you beat your competition for this one job? Most candidates approach the interview similar to a test. For many, this is the logical …

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    7 Tools from Google to Boost Your Brand


    Want to boost your brand and elevate your online exposure? Google offers an arsenal of tools to make it possible. Some of these services are well known, while others are a bit obscure. What they all have in common is that they can make a big difference in how your company is seen online.

    Check …

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    How to Get Through a Boring Meeting


    All of us have been in meetings that we don’t even know why we are there. In these types of meetings, we generally try not to fall asleep while daydreaming and make eye contact with the speaker every few minutes to be seen as paying attention to the meeting. If you feel that you don’t …

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    Pick Your Bosses Well


    Talking to a group of graduating MBA students going for their first job I advised them that it’s important to seek out a good boss, not just a good job. So the question was asked, “What makes a good boss?”

    He (or she):

    -Tells you what he wants and doesn’t want in terms of work …

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    Find Your Passion: Achieve Your Dream Career


    Listen to any mega-successful person, and you’ll hear them talk about having passion in their work. But what if you’re not sure what your passion is? My passion eluded me for a long time. But I finally took an inventory of my life and where I wanted to go and discovered it (actually I have …

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    Ramp Up Your Brand with Lead Strategies on LinkedIn


    In order to encourage more exposure for your personal brand it’s important to be actively communicating with your fans and followers. With the right strategies in place your business can attract leads to your products or services.

    LinkedIn is a premier networking resource for personal brands, and is now a great warm lead generator as …

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    If it didn’t happen by 19… that’s OK


    What did you come up with when you were 19 years old?

    Did it change the world?

    In case you missed it Microsoft just turned 40.

    Bill Gates was just 19 when he and Paul Allen founded the company. Whether you are a fan of Microsoft or not the vision and execution of their vision …

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