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    The Challenges and Strategies of Changing Industries

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    Changing Industries

    Do you want to change industries but find that you’re running into a lot of roadblocks? If so, you are not alone.

    A couple of years ago, I had a client who was a PMP certified project manager. He had a lot of project management experience managing IT projects, but he wanted to …

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    The Mentality of a Successful Career

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    Success is all in your head. If you want to control your ability to have a lucrative, fulfilling career, it’s imperative to control the way you think.

    Those who can’t control their emotions and inner monologue never reach their full potential.

    The long-term solution to sub-par success, lack, and limitation lies in our ability to …

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    Is SEO Still Worth the Effort?

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    Since its inception, search engine optimization (SEO) has been the bane of many web masters’ existence. Just when you thought you had it mastered, the algorithm changed and you were back to square one. The newest Google update is no different and has had many throwing up their arms surrendering attempts to make the search …

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    How Personal Brands Can Succeed in SEM

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    Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

    Having your website rank in search has changed dramatically over just the last five years, and many brands may have seen a decline in their ranking. Since social media came onto the scene, the way people look for information on the Internet has become much more conversational. Google in particular …

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    Five Things You’ll Learn About Yourself on Vacation

    On Top of the Mountain photo from Shutterstock

    I’m writing this from 900 feet above sea level on the upcountry slopes of Haleakala on Maui.

    This week I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time on Maui visiting friends & family and also going to places I have been visiting for many years. It got me thinking about what has changed as well as what has stayed …

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    Do These 5 Things to Market Yourself Well

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    Marketing, by definition, is creating a positive environment for exchange. It could be exchange of goods and services. Yet, in today’s economy, it also includes the exchange of human resources for financial resources.

    Viewing yourself as the product that you are marketing, might help you in wrapping your mind around the power and the necessity for …

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    Telling Good Stories Can Win You the Job!

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    Looking for a workable approach that can effectively set you far apart from other candidates who are vying for the same positions as you and help you become the candidate of choice? Crafting and effectively telling good stories that visually illustrate what is unique, professionally, about you can accomplish precisely that! Why? Because most other …

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    Are You Just Looking for a Job, or Do You have a Campaign Going?

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    No one needs to reiterate that today’s is a difficult job market that is unprecedented in recent times or that regrettably, many people are looking for jobs for extended amounts of time—sometimes for years! As a career coach, I often work with such people, and I notice that they have things in common: None of …

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    Open Communication Converts Prospects to Clients

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    Have you ever had to sit and wonder whether someone will be contacting you, paying you, coming through on promises… and did it cause additional stress in your life?  

    The following topics, regarding open communication, will set you apart in all of your endeavors for the better. A key factor to recognize is that …

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    Hints for a Successful Job Search

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    This week, I will give you general hints that will expedite your job search process.

    1. Never underestimate the importance of networking (including face-to-face networking and social media networking):

    You should never underestimate the importance of networking, including face-to-face networking and social media networking. Many people get job offers by going to job fairs and information …

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