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    Do You Fail the Invisible Job Interview?


    Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but the Disney store is not. The miserable experience of that retail environment at Santa Monica Promenade in California is remarkable for its consistently angry retail clerks and harsh restrictions on purchase. Nothing about the Disney brand gets you ready for it.

    As a business owner and …

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    What Does Your Cubicle Decor Say About You


    Maybe you don’t realize but just as your clothes and body language, your office cubicle decor says a lot about your personality. Since you spend around 40 hours a week in your cubicle, it is like your second home and therefore, it reflects your lifestyle and character. Believe it or not, your coworkers and bosses …

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    The Real Reasons for Networking


    The Wall Street Journal reports that 94 percent of successful job searches happen through networking. As John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas says, “Time and again people work very hard and are good at what they do, but they don’t know anybody. They put their heads down and spend no time developing social …

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    5 Smartt Tips for College Students



    Getting the right job when you’re done with college starts during college. You’re competing against your college grads for those jobs!  How do you secure the job you want and beat the competition?  Here are my top 5 recommendations to get that job offer.  SMARTT TIPS!

    During college, work!…
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    Opt-In Success Strategies for Your Personal Brand


    A professional website presence is essential to drawing visitors to your personal brand. With attractive content and easy to find menus your success is even more imminent. In order to retain your readers you should have a great opt-in box or page setup.

    What types of subscriptions offers draws attention? A message that provides something …

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    5 Tips for Making Friends in a New Job


    Introverted? No problem.

    Extroverted? Also, no problem.

    These 5 tips will help you get started. Learning them and using them will pay dividends today and in the future.

    Everyone’s Been Through This

    When you are starting a new job it’s a lot like the first day of school. Whether you are starting 1st grade, 8th …

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    Feeling Nostalgic? How to Become a Boomerang Employee


    Not burning a bridge is taking on new meaning in the current job market as many companies are welcoming back former employees with open arms.

    With skill shortages and talent wars breaking out in many industries, companies are forced to overhaul their thinking.

    Consider this: a new survey of 1,800 human resources professionals by WorkplaceTrends.com …

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    Communication While in Transition


    Disclaimer: My professional background is not in the field of communication, but I still have some opinions.

    Certainly, the cliché “It’s not what you know but whom you know” is often true. However, when people are in transition, I would add “but while in transition, who knows you is more important” because you are the …

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    Conversation and Questions Move to Yes


    Experience and observation teaches almost all you need to know in terms of what not to do in regards to meeting someone for the first time. The moment you become irritated or downright angry is the perfect time to make a mental note to not do the same. And if you are into empowering your …

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    Personal Brand: Web Series Content Creator


    Super Geeked Up is following in the path of podcasts before it that have taken nerd culture and embraced it as the fun art form that it is. Ranging from the more classic high fantasy to current day comic books, this sect of entertainment is just as varied and nuanced as every other topic that …

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