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    How to Change Your Career


    You feel that you are stuck in a job that doesn’t satisfy you. You want to change your career but don’t know where to start or how to do it. You also need your paycheck so you don’t want to quit your job before finding your dream career. In this case, the below 5 step …

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    Bullies Aren’t Worth Your Time and Effort


    Always have your antenna up because bullying is omnipresent among human beings. Nevertheless, don’t fight every fight with bullies, and don’t try to win all the fights you pick.

    Ask yourself:

    Is this important? Is my anger appropriate? Is my anger modifiable? Is this worth taking action? How do I see myself in this? (It’s…
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    Increase Your Brand’s Leads and Sales With LinkedIn


    You’re personal brand’s website is an important tool where meaningful connections can be created. In order to establish yourself as an expert in your field you need great content and a strong social network like LinkedIn to share that with.

    How can your personal brand attract more leads and sales? It all starts with daily …

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    Boost Your Brand’s Email Conversions With These 5 Tips


    A professional email is just the first step to generating new leads and sales for your personal brand. In order to be successful there must be a way to capture your reader’s attention and compel them to want to know more.

    How is your email communication with your subscribers? By implementing a stand-out email that …

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    How to Get THAT Boss to Listen to Your Ideas


    Whatever you do, at whatever level, we all want to have an impact.

    Some of us have minds that are constantly thinking of new ideas, while others will stumble on that golden solution less frequently. Either way, getting these ideas out there can be a great way to further your career, really contribute, and take …

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    The First Impression in an Interview


    “Nobody impresses me for the first sixty days on the job.” This was a saying that all of those working with me in the corporate world would hear me say over and over. I wanted to express that there’s a difference between the impression a job seeker leaves initially—even as early as during the interview—and …

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    Pokemon Go Style Job Hunting


    It is very strange to find similarities between a mobile app game and job hunting but interestingly, there are many! Below are some lessons Pokemon Go can teach you about job hunting.

    Go Outside: You need to go outside to catch Pokemon. It is the same with job hunting too. You need to go outside,…
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    Personal Branding Cosplay


    Every year, San Diego opens its doors to the nerds of the world with the world famous San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). A weekend long gathering of movie stars, comic book artists and the fans that adore them, it has grown in size so much that major movie corporations save special movie previews to release …

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    How to Spot a Business Bully


    Four out of five of us will experience a coworker who tries to bully or backstab. In all walks of life there are people who suck time away in political maneuvering, grabbing resources, and creating distractions. These people can get your eyes watering:

    They secretly present your ideas as theirs. They take credit for your…
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    Confidence or Arrogance?


    It’s arrogance, not confidence, when you:

    Assume you know it all Think you’re smarter than others Don’t listen and learn Are full of bluster; too sure of yourself in every situation without reason Abuse your power, or browbeat, demean, or put down other people Act superior Think “I’m special. The rules don’t apply to me.”…
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