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    Why Modern Blue Collar Workers Should Start Personal Branding

    “Branding” is obviously a buzzword in offices around the world, but the concept is so popular that the term has started catching fire in alternative workplaces, as well. Tradesmen and laborers in a variety of fields must keep eyes and ears toward their brands to ensure their customers are receiving the service and treatment they …

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    Your Attitude Could Be the Secret to Your Success, Researchers Say

    Positive Attitude

    You’ve probably heard that success the product of talent, knowledge, intelligence, perseverance, or innovation. You may have even heard that the secret to success is a positive attitude. But what does that mean?

    Simply believing that you’re destined for success may not be enough to make you successful, but what can help, according to researchers …

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    How To Choose Between a B.A. and a B.S. In Business

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    Higher Ups Need to Feel Good Too: 3 Steps to Showing Your Boss They’re Appreciated

    work jokes

    If you’re like most people, when you put in the hard days at work, achieve fantastic results and go out of your way to be a supportive, positive and engaged part of the team, you like to have your efforts recognized and appreciated. Many companies are quite focused on this aspect of corporate culture these …

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    How an Engineering Degree Could Help You Get Your Business Off the Ground

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    How Teaching English As a Foreign Language is a Good Career Opportunity

    Guest post written by Duncan Elder.

    Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is an unforgettable experience for many reasons. You’ll have the chance to experience a foreign culture, travel to new and amazing countries and meet a ton of new people.

    One thing you may not be thinking about when you decide to teach …

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    How to Showcase Your Hard Skills

    4 Effective & Novel Tips to Boost Personal Blog Storytelling

    Medicine, engineering, technology ― careers in these fields are incredibly prestigious and satisfyingly high-paying, making these jobs some of the most lusted-after openings in the market. Unfortunately, not just anyone can waltz in and snag a position in these industries. These fields and others require workers to have particular skills that require difficult training, so …

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    The Ancient Modern Art of Invoice Financing

    It is a problem every business owner knows all too well. It prevents growth, thwarts progress, and slows business to a grinding halt. Whether you have a startup or are celebrating 50 years in business, you have experienced the pain of unpaid invoices.

    Businesses need income ― in fact, it is the purpose of businesses …

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    The 8 Best Career-Boosting Gifts

    By Kathleen Berner, Director Category Marketing, Staples

    You can’t buy success, but the right gift can make a huge career difference. If you know someone looking to switch jobs, find a new position or move up the corporate ladder, a good business gift can go a long way to helping that transition.

    Instead of another …

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    6 Ways to Improve Your Management Style

    Whether you’re just starting out as a manager or you’ve enjoyed considerable success over the years in management positions across a wide swath of sectors, the ever-shifting work landscape and the generational shift of workers entering it mean that what worked effectively one year may not work as well the next.

    And while many people …

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