​3 Personal Brand Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Personal Branding

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort carefully maintaining your personal brand (as you should). But you may be overlooking some crucial factors that can weaken your brand over time – and are easily fixable.

Here are the three personal brand mistakes to watch out for:

Following ALL the Trends. Why?

If you’re a first adopter for both technology and social media – great! But, your personal brand doesn’t require jumping aboard any and all new sites or apps. First, it will be difficult to remain connected and consistent on multiple platforms. Second,  you will jeopardize losing the niche and following you have built by bombarding your audience with what’s trending when you should be sharing relevant content.

Not Measuring Results. Why?

You were able to cultivate your brand from nothing to something great – don’t let your efforts go to waste by not measuring your results. Keeping track of what works and what doesn’t work prevents you from stagnating and growing indifferent about your brand in general. HootSuite is a great online tool for keeping track of multiple profiles as well as analyzing site traffic.

No Professional-Looking Design. Why?

Image is everything – and first impressions count. Have a professional and simple design that reflects your own individuality. Nothing possibility offensive or inappropriate should belong on a profile or site – ever. Be sure to consider the font and color scheme as well using basic graphic design principles.

Personal branding doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor! Remember that improvements can and should always be made.