#1 Factor to Being a Highly Recommended Brand

notesWe know that word of mouth works for product and service based business brands.

But, does it work for a personal brand?


People do business with and through people. Either you are connected with the end decision maker for any project or with someone who can connect you to or influences the final decision maker.

Here’s the key to staying top of mind and recommended:

Personal communication on a consistent basis through your online and offline connections with a person.

This weekend, as I do every weekend, I wrote personal, hand-written notes to people I met, those who made a difference in my life this week and I appreciate and those I’m seeking to develop a stronger relationship with.

I sit down and write notes to stand out.

Most people will not do this.

Most may shoot a quick email out or a thank you tweet.

Some, very few, will pick up the phone and leave a message or speak to you.

Much less than that will send a handwritten, specific to that person note.

I know how to target a Facebook ad to be seen by one specific person and I know how to email market in ways that drive results.

And, even given all that background and skill, I find that the most powerful way is to in tandem have consistent communication that is specific to that person in online and offline channels.

Doing this accelerates and solidifies relationships.

  1. The other person feels noticed for who they are.

They’re not left to feel like merely a prospect or a number. They feel heard.

  1. They feel valued.

Writing a handwritten note is a rarity these days. Why? Because the perception is that is consumes an enormous amount of time and effort.

After all you have to write it, fold it, stuff it in an envelope, and mail it.

Giving time and attention to someone is the most valuable way we express someone’s value to us.

  1. It gives them a glimpse of who you are.

We’ve all heard the saying that “people do business with people they know, like and trust.” While you may be visible with someone, visibility is not enough. Someone might like you, but do they feel unequivocally that you can do that job or that you can make them look good to their connections if they refer you? No, they may know and like you but to trust you they need to have opportunities to sample your character and competence.

Anytime you connect with them is an opportunity for them to sample you.