4 Career Decisions That Highly Successful People Make

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As I become more experienced and more successful in business, I’ve begun to realize that most successful people don’t make a lot of money because they are lucky or because they know the right people. Nor do I believe that people are simply born destined to become wealthy.

Rather, I’ve come to recognize that many of these individuals make highly intelligent career decisions that lead them to get where they are. Here are 4 of those:

1. Birds of feather become successful together.

Highly successful people surround themselves with others just like them.  They know that we are a product of our environment and wealthy individuals go out of their way to only do business with others who are hard working and effective at what they do.

They have a keen ability to “read” people (a.k.a size them up) and determine whether that person is worth working for and/or doing business with or whether they are not the real deal. This knack for accurately judging others leads them to become employed at top companies that provides career growth and intellectual stimulation.

2. Highly successful people know how to effectively deal with others.

When I first started my business, I was highly ambitious, but very poor in forming positive interpersonal business relationships and that put a strain on my ability to get to the next level in business.

It may have taken some time, but I’ve come to the realization that success can not exist in a vacuum; we need the work and motivation of others to achieve goals that are above and beyond the capabilities of a single person.

Let’s take two great examples: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  Both are known for their technical savvy and innovative minds, though rarely do people mention their ability to manage and lead others in business. Surely, it took more than one person to design, develop, manufacture, market, package and wholesale the iPhone.

3. Highly successful people don’t feel the need to convince others that they are good at what they do nor do they over promise results that they can’t deliver.

I have this competing company in the staffing industry that spends 300 pages of their website attempting to convince potential clients how great they are and they end up looking just the opposite.

Successful people know that other likeminded individuals can smell b.s. and rather than drawn in, they are turned off by overly arrogant candor.  Instead, they carry themselves with a demeanor that is self-confident on the inside and humble on the outside.

4. Highly successful people strive to be great, but come to terms with the fact that they are not perfect.

It may have taken me 31 years to learn, but I’ve come to grips with the reality that I can’t control every situation nor will I ever be perfect.

Highly paid individuals know that they are bound to win some and bound to lose some.  When they win, they celebrate and anticipate more positive results and, when they lose they are able to bounce back with an uncanny resiliency and energy a.k.a. successful people don’t beat themselves up mentally for mistakes that may be out of their control.

Next time you’re around others who have high paying jobs and who are successful both in business and in interpersonal relationships, look closely at some of the traits they have and the decisions they make and you should see some striking similarities.