4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Brand in 2014

As we begin to delve into the new year, you may be wondering what new and improved ways you can use to boost your brand.

Before you think about the future of your brand, however, it’s important to look back on your brand in 2013. Did you get it to where you wanted it to be, or did you fall short of your goals? Looking back, discovering flaws, and resolving not to make the same mistakes is critical if you want to achieve the best personal brand that you can.

Here are a few ways to boost your brand in 2014:

1. Stay on top of social technology

Social media platforms have arguably changed the game regarding personal branding. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, strangers you’ve never met before can see the information that you’ve provided.

When managing your social accounts, you want to be sure the information within portrays you in a positive light, because you never know who might be looking you up. Always keep your information up-to-date, and post interesting, engaging content regularly.

While Facebook is still the biggest player in the social game, its decline has already begun. Therefore, it’s still important to look at the trends and find out new and upcoming social media sites that you can utilize. Becoming an early adopter on the next big social site can speak a lot about your personal brand, and tells people that you’re constantly on top of your game.

2. Know your target audience

What do you want to be known for? This question is important when determining the type of content you produce and share, as well as which social media platforms you decide to join. If you’re trying to land a new job, maybe spend less time on Vine and more on LinkedIn.

Knowing your audience ensures you’re only sharing content that’s relevant to them, which builds trust and credibility in your brand.

3. Become more visual

Predictions state that 2014 is going to see a huge increase in visual content. More and more people are getting their information from pictures telling a story rather than reading the story itself. If your branding is largely text-based, you might want to consider sharing more multimedia content. This not only broadens your viewership, but it also ensures that more people understand the message you’re trying to get across.

Pictures and videos are great communication tools, and many people tend to underestimate their power when deciding what to share for their personal brand. Don’t skip out on this growing trend. Instead, figure out how multimedia can work for your brand.

4. Remember: It’s not all about digital

When people think of their personal brand, most tend to only note their digital presence. In reality, social media and the Internet are only one facet of building a personal brand.

If you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert on a certain industry, why not make a guest appearance at a relevant speaker series or convention? Being a great public speaker is important to your personal brand; people put more trust in someone when they can literally see their expertise, instead of simply curating content online on a certain topic.

Be on the lookout for any outlet that let you speak about your subject, be it an industry convention, trade organization, television program, or even a relevant podcast or web series. Taking your personal brand to the next level requires more than just digital efforts, so use every opportunity you can to build your credibility, and then share your experiences with your followers.