Let’s be honest, trying to find balance between our careers, friends and family, and personal branding is a lot of work.

However, managing your personal brand doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. The trick to managing your personal brand is making priorities for your brand and sticking to them.

If you want to manage your personal brand without it consuming your day, here are six things you can do that take five minutes per day:

1. Build your networking lists.

Create a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Docs. Within this spreadsheet, start collecting names and contact information of people in your industry and networks. This will help you create a database of people you can reach out to when you need career advice.

As you check Twitter, LinkedIn, or read industry blogs, remember to add a new contact to your networking list. Even if it’s adding one or two new contacts per day, this will make a huge difference in your networking efforts.

2. Tweet about industry news.

If you’re worried about social media consuming your life, dedicate five minutes per day to tweet about industry news and trends. If you find an interesting article your followers would find valuable, be sure to send it their way.

3. Revisit your goals.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to stay focused on our goals when we become busy with job searching, work, or building our brands. A great way to get you focused on your brand is to revisit your goals. Your goals serve as a great foundation for managing your personal brand.

4. Write a new goal each week.

Before you start a new week, write down a goal for your personal brand, career, or job search. Whether it’s writing a networking email or participating in a Twitter chat, these simple goals will motivate you to manage your personal brand.

5. Comment on a blog post.

Another way to build relationships for your personal brand is to interact with bloggers. As you read blogs or news articles each week, take five minutes to write a thoughtful comment. This shows your interest in the blogger’s work and can even spark a new relationship.

6. Answer a question on Quora.

To build credibility for your brand and showcase your expertise, spend a few minutes answering a Quora question related to your industry. It doesn’t have to be a long, complex answer. Just share some of your personal tidbits, thoughts, or research you’re familiar with to build credibility for your brand.

Managing your personal brand doesn’t have to be super time consuming. By making it your goal to spend at least five minutes a day doing one of these takes, you’ll keep your personal brand engaged online.